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  1. shave/brush

    New Pipe a real Bargain

    I bought a new pipe based solely on a recommendation by Kent @Kentos. It's a Morgan Bones. A nice pipe for only $45. I just had my first smoke with it and I really enjoyed it. They give you a good bang for your buck. Here is a picture of it. I would not hesitate to buy another.
  2. shave/brush

    How do you feel about pipes with a filter system?

    I'm new to pipe smoking (well I quit once and now have come back) and I just bought a Savinelli pipe that uses a wooden filter system. I think it's great. I was just wondering what is the general feeling around here about pipes with filters? Like them, hate them, or don't care?
  3. shave/brush

    Recommend a tobacco please.

    I'm fairly new to pipe smoking. Right now I have Carter Hall and Velvet tobacco. I enjoy them very much but I would like something with more flavor. Could you recommend a tobacco with a robust flavor? I want to really taste it.
  4. shave/brush

    Is a pipe stand really necessary?

    I'm new to pipe smoking and I got a new pipe, a Savinelli 320 and it said in the box that after you clean your pipe you should put it in a pipe stand. Is this suppose to dry it out or something?
  5. shave/brush

    Hawk V2 give away.

    I'm making more room in my shaving area, so I have this beautiful Hawk V2 razor in electric blue by RazoRock I want to give away. It is made from high quality 6061 aluminum. A very nice razor that shaves beautifully. Just post here if you would like it. Sorry I will only ship to the 48 states. I...
  6. shave/brush

    Another stab at pipe smoking.

    I use to smoke a pipe many years ago but gave it up. Then a few years ago, partly because of this forum, I decided to try it again. For some reason it just didn't grab that time. So I quit again. Tonight I got my interest started again. I discovered a pipe on this forum that I just loved the way...
  7. shave/brush

    What Zenith boar brush to buy?

    I've heard so much good stuff about how good the Zenith boar brushes are I've decided I want to try one. I only use boar brushes to bowl lather with so I don't like a short loft. I would like it on the large side, about a 24 - 27 mm knot. Okay you Zenith lovers, what would you recommend?
  8. shave/brush

    How many shaves do you get from your favorite type of blade?

    As the question says how many shaves from your favorite blade on average do you get? I use Schick Proline artist club type blades and I get 18 shaves out of one blade. For a DE blade I use 7 O'clock Yellows and I get 10 shaves of of a blade. For any GEM blades I get 7 shaves out of a blade...
  9. shave/brush

    Question on the Semogue Mistura Boar brush

    Are the bristles on the Semogue Mistura Boar brush the same as the bristles on the Semogue SOC boar with the wooden handle?
  10. shave/brush

    Semogue Limited Edition brush give away

    I have this beautiful Semogue TSN Limited Edition boar brush that I want to give away. I find I am not using my boar bushes any more. This brush has a 24 mm knot and a 53 mm loft. They only made 180 of these brushes and this one is number 91. All this is engraved in the bottom. This brush cost...
  11. shave/brush

    Thather Boar brush give away.

    I have this beautiful Thather Boar brush that I have not been using lately. I don't often use my boar brushes so I am going to give this lovely brush to someone. This is a top notch brush. It cost $90. but I am going to give it away to some lucky person. Just post here that you want it. Sorry I...
  12. shave/brush

    Has anyone tried this Derby cream?

    I am thinking about trying this Derby Lemon cream. I like lemon scent creams. Has anyone tried it or any Derby cream? I would like to know what you think about it. This is what I am thinking about ordering:
  13. shave/brush

    Do the soaps we use clog our sinks?

    Awhile back I mentioned in a thread that since I started traditional wet shaving about 8 years ago my bathroom sink seems to clog up in about 2 years. That seems very unusual to me since it never use to do that before. It seems to have started since I started using these quality soaps and...
  14. shave/brush

    La Toja could be the best soap of all, period.

    I know there have been threads on how good the La Toja shave stick is but I wanted to bring it up again for all the new people to B&B who may not be familiar with it. As I said in the threads name, I believe La Toja shave stick is the best soap in the world, period. Not just the best stick or...
  15. shave/brush

    What is your choice to make lather?

    What do you reach for most often to make your lather with: Puck of soap A Cream Soap Stick Canned Soap I do rotate but use a stick most of the time. What’s your choice?
  16. shave/brush

    General razor back in stock.

    For those who are interested, the Colonial General razor is back in stock. It's in stainless steel and sells for $115. for just the head. This is my favorite razor. Here is a picture of the head from their site.
  17. shave/brush

    Why is nothing being shipped to Post Office?

    It seems like all the face mask and gloves are stuck in the shipping system for some reason. I ordered some Nitrile gloves on April 2 and it's been sitting somewhere in the USA while the Post Office is waiting for it. Why? I ordered some cloth masks on April 5 and they are sitting in CA and I...
  18. shave/brush

    Give away antique brush.

    Here is my antique Ever-Ready Model 100N brush. The knot is 18mm, the loft is 50mm. It uses nylon bristles. I never used it and don't intend to. The handle is in good shape. I thought someone might want to put a new knot into it. If you would like this brush just post here. I will only ship to...
  19. shave/brush

    Cella Bio aftershave five away.

    I have this wonderful aftershave, Cella Bio that has a nice scent but it's just not for me. So I will give it to someone who wants it. Just post here if you would like it. I will only ship to the 48 states. Sorry. I will pick a winner today so keep an eye on this thread.
  20. shave/brush

    New and different cartridge razor.

    I just discovered this new razor. (I think it's new. I never saw it before.) It's called the Defender. You have the choice of 4 different blades that it uses. The blade they call the "styling" blade is a single blade. The "regular" blade is a 3 blade cartridge with the blades spaced far apart...