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  1. Lance Foster

    Gillette and Trivia Crack

    You know that King Gillette is important when there is a question about him in Trivia Crack!
  2. Lance Foster

    No Shave November

    No shave November is a bit of a burden...I have not yet had the opportunity to use a slant razor I won during this year's auction (thanks again to Jake for the great donation!), nor have I had the opportunity to use a 'Psycho' razor that I purchased from Robert G. (Thanks again Robert!). For...
  3. Lance Foster

    Eversharp Schick Injector advertisement

    I enjoy listening to Vintage Radio programs. I just heard an ad for an Eversharp Schick Injector, razor and 20 blades for $1.75! The jingle was 'push pull click click.
  4. Lance Foster

    Choice of blade

    I have been wet shaving for around 2 years. As expected, there was a bit of a learning curve to achieve an irritation free shave, as well as a fair amount of experimentation to decide upon a blade choice. Now, looking back, I wonder if the blades really played such a significant role in the...
  5. Lance Foster

    R41 twist

    I purchased a R41 twist. I'll be using it in the morning. Hopefully, stitches will not be required!
  6. Lance Foster

    Slow and sear

    Does anyone use the "slow and sear" sold by the Adrenaline BBQ company? It's advertised as a way to turn a kettle grill into a smoker, and as a way to sear meats. Thanks!
  7. Lance Foster

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Gillette!

    Missouri Lodge of Research 2 hrs · King C. Gillette, Inventor of Gillette razor, founder of Gillette Inc, Columbian Lodge Boston, was born this date (1/5) in 1855. (This information is from the Grand Lodge of Missouri, Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons Facebook page)‪
  8. Lance Foster

    Merry Christmas to me!

    Santa (AKA my mother) gave me this vintage Gillette item:
  9. Lance Foster

    Cold water splashes

    I'm really starting to like the colder weather...the tap water for the cold water splashes after shaving is quite invigorating!
  10. Lance Foster

    My new shave bowl

    I purchased a mini wash tub to be used as a shave bowl. I went to metal because my past 2 ceramic bowls have broke, one due to TSA and/or the airlines, and the other due to me being aggressive making lather, according to SWMBO.
  11. Lance Foster

    Cartridge razor ad

    I heard a radio ad for one of the newest in the line of cartridge razors..."it cuts virtually every hair." An awesome selling point? I think not.
  12. Lance Foster

    Shaving bowls

    OK. Be honest. Is this shaving bowl too big??
  13. Lance Foster

    Shaving cream at Downtown Disney

    They carry several types, with black oak being the most different scent. $18 per jar was too steep for me.
  14. Lance Foster

    Is it really cheating?

    I'm going to Disney World with the family tomorrow, and have decided to go sans DE razor, and bring the old multi blade cart along. My main fear is that the airlines could damage it. So, hopefully I do not have to turn in my man card for the week!
  15. Lance Foster


    Getting the charcoal ready for a Tbone, burgers, and hot dogs.
  16. Lance Foster

    Parker 24C

    I will soon be the proud owner of a Parker 24C. This will be my first use of an open comb razor. What type of learning curve should I expect going from a closed comb to an open comb? Thanks guys.
  17. Lance Foster

    I made my 34C more aggressive

    I made my 34C more aggressive. I added 1 shim a few weeks ago; it did not seem to make much difference. I added a second shim yesterday. I did not need to hardly do any touch up work on my neck. Has anyone ever added 3 shims?
  18. Lance Foster

    Gillette Slim Adjustable

    I have a K-1 Gillette Slim Adjustable. There is a piece of metal in the notched portion, just above the numbers, that can move almost to the top of the notch when the silo doors are open. Is this normal? Thank you in advance.
  19. Lance Foster

    First 100 pack blade purchase

    After some trial and error, I have settled on my go to blade...Gillette Silver Blues! I am now the proud owner of 100 GSBs!
  20. Lance Foster

    Mother's Day festivities

    My sister and I surprised Mom by attending church with her, and then I grilled chicken breasts and asparagus (from my garden) wrapped in bacon, with Cowboy Caviar and tortilla chips to munch on while I was grilling.