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  1. J

    Fedora/hat ID help

    I've seen a couple fedoras around that I like (or what I thought were fedoras) but can't seem to find one in a store. Its a smaller looking fedora, but the back of the brim is curled and front brim is flat. Does anyone know what these are called? Is it just a different variation of a fedora...
  2. J

    Dinnerware recommendations

    Hi gang, any thoughts on a new dinnerware set? Ideally I would like something durable that will last. I was looking at something pricey like Lecreuset but not sure it is worth the cost or if it is more of a fashion statement for the kitchen. Alternatively it's a buy and replace every couple of...
  3. J

    My new Technivorm

    I was able to find a great deal on a basically new (lightly used) Technivorm. I must say this thing makes great coffee compared to my Cuisinart drip coffeemaker. Even my wife admitted that it was better than expected. Are there many others here using one of these as their daily coffeemaker...
  4. J

    Found my favorite red wine

    I'll start this by saying I'm not a huge wine drinker, however this Pinot noir was fantastic. My wife and I were away for a weekend and bought a nice bottle, $40 or so (at Costco) and both agreed it was one of the best red wines we've ever tried. Has anyone else tried this?
  5. J

    My first Filson

    My new Filson original briefcase bag. Found it secondhand but brand new with tags for $150. Loving it so far! Simple and well made.
  6. J

    Hot tub. Ya or nay?

    Curious your thoughts and experiences with a hot tub as I've never owned one and I've contemplated one now for several years. My wife and I are fairly active and I think we would use it. With that said, I am well aware it's basically a sunk cost. So enjoy it, often, or I have just flushed money...
  7. J

    Pea coat over suit?

    What is your opinion? I've read mixed reviews, some saying too casual some saying it's ok. My coat is a schott and I love wearing it!
  8. J

    Got a half marathon PB this weekend

    :001_smile 1hr 39min
  9. J

    Diplomatico Exclusive Reserva in Canada?

    I've read great things about this rum, but can't find it for the life of me. Has anyone come across this rum in Canada? The local stores have told me they aren't able to order it, but not sure why. Thanks! Jason
  10. J

    3 Night getaway recommendation?

    My wife and I have the opportunity to go away for 3 nights without the kids for a little R&R by ourselves. We were looking at Mexico because of the CDN dollar, but open to any suggestions. The only stipulation is we must be close (or at) the ocean, we love the water and don't live near it. We...
  11. J

    Winter boot brands

    In need of some new winter boots, and looking for suggestions on good brands; something well made and not going to fall apart, waterproof, and warm. I use them for weekend errands, sledding with the kids, and the usual snowy slushy weather running around (down to -20/-30C). I'm not after...
  12. J

    BGE cook suggestions for the weekend

    Good evening gents, looking for ideas for something to try on this egg this weekend. I haven't experimented too much with the egg, have done mostly ribs, pulled pork & brisket. Thinking maybe a whole chicken (havent ever done a beer can chicken), or maybe a prime rib. Thoughts? I have the...
  13. J

    My first Sperry Top-siders.

    Needed some new summer shoes, the wife and I like the look of these so we'll see how they work out. Found a deal, $70 which I didnt think was too bad. Whaddya think??
  14. J

    San Diego cigar bar?

    The Mrs. and I are headed to San Diego without kids in a couple months so I did a quick search and it looks like there are more than a couple cigar bars around town. We are only there for 3 nights, so I will likely only make it to one (depending on her shopping schedule, haha) Any recommendations?
  15. J

    Latest order

    Just ordered McClelland Frog Morton Craftsbury and Dunhill 965...haven't tried either as of yet, cant wait to try them! Also, a couple cheap plastic stands, pipe cleaners, and some corona flints. All stocked up for camping season :tongue_sm
  16. J

    Schott Pea Coat

    Seeing as winter is never going to end and I need a new jacket I ordered this jacket today. My first pea coat, looking forward to wearing it. I was emailed a 15% off coupon which helped persuade me
  17. J

    How do you get your movies?

    Netflix, redbox, file sharing, your service provider? Just curious how you normally watch your movies. I really like bluray for picture & audio, but aside from buying a movie for 20-30 bucks, there aren't a lot of options for getting 1080/dts. Thoughts?
  18. J

    Cold Feet. Any suggestions?

    Wondering about warmer dress socks. I live in the great white north where temps average about 15F and snow. I did a couple searches and seen Smart Wool recommendations, but at $20 a pair, I think I will take cold feet, haha. Does anyone have any other suggestions that have worked for them in...
  19. J

    My first Pete!

    2011 Peterson St Patricks shape 221. Found this one new and scooped it, my sons birth year which I thought was cool. Cant wait to get it and try a Pete out for the first time!
  20. J

    My first Allen Edmonds (including pic)

    These are my first pair of AE's. I went from Ecco's (comfy, durable, but not quite as dressy - atleast in my opinion), Cole Haan's (Purchased 2 pairs last June and one pair is falling apart, not impressed). So I figured I would bite the bullet and buy these. I need to pick up some shoe trees...