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    New current production razor recommendations

    As you've probably noticed, I'm giving DE shaving another try lately. I'm now able to get a bbs shave from my EJ DE86, but I'm finding it too rough on my skin. What is a current production razor that would be a lot easier on my skin, but still be able to get a good shave from. I understand a...
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    Well gents, I just ordered my very first bottle of Clubman...

    And a bottle of Proraso Green. Wish me luck!
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    What's the going rate for a fat handle Tech?

    In used but good condition? Thanks
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    What blades do you like to use in your Mamba 53?

    Just doing a little research here to get a general idea of how it shaves. Thanks!
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    Knurled handle recommendations for a EJ DE86

    Oh Hi, it's me again! :) As you've probably all seen from my recent activity on here, I'm giving DE shaving another go 'round, and it's getting better than my last attempts. I had my best DE neck shave yet (happily bearded) on three days growth. Signal chain today was: Proraso sensitive pre...
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    How do you clean and sanitize vintage razors?

    How do you go about doing this? What process and cleaners do you use? I've never felt good about using a used razor. Thanks.
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    What are these Karve razors that you're all talking about?

    I glanced at the website for a few minutes. I'll have to look at them more. Tell me about them. How do you guys like them? They look pretty expensive.
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    Razorock Mamba 53 vs Game Changer 68

    Which is your preference and why? Which one would you say is better for someone with a very sensitive neck?
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    Are Razorock Plissoft brushes worth it?

    I've used an Omega boar (10005?) with a wood handle for the last five years and it has worked well, but now I'm considering getting a second brush. How do the Plissoft brushes hold up? Is there another synthetic that works better?
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    Which is the most mild and gentle Razorock razor?

    Well, as the title implies, which Razorock razor is the most mild and gentle?
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    Weishi vs Feather Popular

    Yes, another one of those threads! How would you say the two compare?
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    Has anyone tried the Vie Long razor?

    I saw some the other day in a store for cheap. If you've tried it, what did you think of it?
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    Skin Bracer vs Aqua Velva

    If you could only choose one, which would it be?
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    Serious question about DE shaving...

    My DE shaving adventure started in earnest in August of 2016. I knew that there would be a learning curve, but after a year I'm left bewildered. A few years ago I picked up the Black Wilkinson Sword Classic and well, we just won't talk about that. In August of 2016 I started with my EJ, and...
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    Clubman Vanilla

    Any one have experience with it?
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    Thoughts on the Wilkinson Sword Classic razor

    Just wondering what you guys think of it.
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    Thoughts on the Feather Popular?

    Yes, it's probably been asked one million times before, so let's go for one million and one! Ok, so I've given my EJ several chances after giving up on it several times. Every time I use it I get bad razor bumps and irritation, so much that it's required a trip to the doctor. No cart or...
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    Does anyone use The Art of Shaving preshave oil?

    What did you think of it?
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    What aftershaves do you dilute down witch hazel?

    Ok, I know some people will say this is heresy, but for those who do, what aftershaves do you dilute down with witch hazel?
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    First shave with a Feather today.

    No cuts, no weepers, no discomfort. Maybe I was just being overly careful, but I had no cuts or irritation, and I got a nice close shave. I'll see how they work over time.