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    Tax Benefits in the Sue Moore Auction

    The rules are kind of vague and a little misleading in the Sue Moore Auction FAQ, so I thought I'd lay out the tax benefits of participating. Most importantly, your purchases are not tax deductible just because the check is made out to a charity. The tax benefits are to the contributors, not...
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    FS Parker SRX Heavy Duty Shavette and Weck Sextoblade

    Couple of classic shavettes here. I used them to acquire muscle memory for using a straight. That being done, I'm passing them along in great condition. On the right is an all stainless steel Parker SRX Heavy Duty Shavette. Used once and excellent. Your barber might use one of these on the...
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    FS Above the Tie SE2 -- Single Edge Open Comb

    Here is a perfect ATT SE2 with the ATT Kronos handle: Single edge (takes AC blades) open comb razor. New it's $185. This one is as new for only $100 with free shipping. CONUS only. PayPal, and I pay the fees.
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    RIP Tom Wolfe

    Radical Chic and Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, The Right Stuff, The Bonfire of the Vanities, and so much more. Tremendous loss of a singular voice.
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    FS Vintage and Modern Razors

    Twelve modern and vintage razors for sale. FREE CONUS shipping with any order of $30 or more. Otherwise, please add $5 for CONUS shipping. First class international shipping worldwide available for $23.50, regardless of amount ordered. No trades please. The modern razors are all “catch and...
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    Why Did Hoe-Handle Straights Never Catch On?

    One of the perceived advantages of the modern safety razor design is the hoe-handle -- a handle perpendicular to the blade. Many would argue that it provides better control and sight lines compared to a classic straight razor handle configuration. Guys using straight razors are always peering...
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    WTT: Paradigm Titanium II

    I'd like to trade my new and perfect Paradigm Titanium II razor. It's not for sale. Ideally, I'd like to trade it for a Paradigm Titanium I or Wolfman WR-1. But I'd consider other impossible-to-find or difficult-to-find shave ware. Or maybe you have another idea; it never hurts to ask. For...
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    Gillette NEW Handle Question

    I just acquired a Gillette NEW Long Comb. It's an early 1930's model with no patent numbers on the underside of the base plate. Just the diamond logo and "Made in USA". The handle on it is a typical ball end handle of the period, but it's stamped with the the New Improved patent ID: "Pat...
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    Turtleneck under V-Neck

    What do y'all think of the look of a V-Neck sweater over a turtleneck sweater? Kind of a 50's 60's look.