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  1. salish

    Breaking in new Synthetic Brush

    Hello, I just looked through the stickies on brushes but I didn't see anything about breaking in a new synthetic brush. I just received a brand new Turn-n-Shave Chess synthetic brush and I'm wondering what I need to do, if anything, before I start using it. The brush doesn't smell and seems to...
  2. salish

    Lather Catchers

    I love the name, but what constitutes a "lather catcher"? Was a lather catcher a type of razor design? Was it a specific model of one or more company's razors? The models I see here in posts referred to as lather catchers seem to fit a basic design and manufacturing time frame. I have an...
  3. salish

    Vintage Schick Razor

    Hello, first of all, I need to apologize for not making good on my promise to debut my new Clog-Pruf razor in the Micromatic Monday shave-a-thon like I said I would. A new-to-me razor came in the mail and I just couldn't resist taking it for a spin after disinfecting it. The new razor is an old...
  4. salish

    Restoring an Old Brush

    Hello, is it possible to restore an old shaving brush and bring it back to life? I've been thinking about this because all I have from my grandfather is his old rolls razor honing kit and a shaving brush. The hair portion is long gone. I was thinking it might be fun to shave with his brush. He...
  5. salish

    New GEM Micromatic Clog-Pruf

    Hello, Yesterday I received a Gillette Micromatic Clog-Pruf razor from a guy on ebay. The razor is in very good condition and I shaved with it last night. These are really nice looking razors! The shave itself was fine, but I have a sensitive face so I was very cautious and shaved with some...
  6. salish

    Ne'Ked Hippie

    Shave soap. It's hand made stuff from Texas. I've been trying it off and on the past few weeks and it's pretty good stuff. It won't replace Arko as my go-to, but it's good and the price is reasonable.
  7. salish

    GEM Blades for the Micromatic?

    Hello, I just bought a Micromatic Clog-Pruf. It takes the same GEM ptfe blades as my Ever-Ready 1914, right? Just want to make sure. Thanks Cliff
  8. salish

    Micromatic Clog-Pruf Combs

    Quick question, are the combs from Gem Micromatic Clog-Pruf razors from the 1940's much shorter that those of earlier razors? I'm looking at one that is labeled as 1941 and the "teeth" are far shorter than most of the razors I see posted in these threads. Thanks Cliff
  9. salish

    Ever-Ready 1914

    Variety is the spice of life. I've been shaving primarily with a Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip DE razor the past couple of weeks but I slipped in a shave today with my 1914 Ever-Ready SE razor with a brand new GEM blade. A VERY close and comfortable shave! I'm constantly amazed at how well this...
  10. salish

    WTB Gillette Slim Adjustable

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced Slim Adjustable. It doesn't have to be absolutely flawless, but really good condition would be nice. I don't know enough about them to know if some years were better than others from a quality standpoint, but from what I've read in the forums they all seem to...
  11. salish

    Fine Snake Bite

    Awhile back I made a post in which I was looking for a fragrance free aftershave. Someone suggested using Fine Snake Bite after shave. I just tried it for the first time this morning and I love it. The burn really DOES feel good. I'm also using Thayer's unscented witch hazel, which I also really...
  12. salish

    Prep Pre-shave

    Hello, I'm new to using Prep as a pre-shave. In fact, I've never really used a pre-shave before. I've noticed that in between passes, when I wet my face again prior to reapplying my soap, my skin is a lot drier than I expected it to be. I use a modest amount of Prep to my wet face before...
  13. salish

    Reversing Blades

    Do any of you "reverse" your DE or SE blades after each use? By this I mean pulling the blade off your razor and turning it upside down so your next shave will be on the reverse side of the blade. I sometimes do this in order to wipe soap scum off my blade. Would this have any effect on the...
  14. salish

    Keeping Track

    Hello, Today I received a batch of blades from Tryablade.com and I'll begin testing them in the next couple of weeks. I think I got 6 or 7 blades (2 blades each) of the most popular DE blades. How do you guys keep track of the process? I am thinking I'll leave a small notebook nearby and write...
  15. salish

    Gillette Adjustable vs Non-adjustable

    Hello, I have a practical question about vintage Gillette adjustable razors. As I understand it, Gillette developed the adjustable razor as a way of combining the three shave qualities of their black tip, red tip and blue tip razors into one razor. If this is incorrect, or oversimplified please...
  16. salish

    Fragrance Free After Shave?

    As I have aged I have found that that I cannot uses scents or fragrances anymore. I can't even be around them, and that includes people at work or in enclosed spaces like theaters and restaurants who use perfume, cologne, aftershaves, etc. My throat starts closing up and I have trouble...
  17. salish

    My Turkey Gun

    Almost everything about me is vintage. I hunt upland birds with a Winchester Model 12 16 gauge that was made in 1914, deer with a several vintage Winchester lever action rifles, and my home defense gun is a 1926 S&W Hand-Ejector in .44 Special. My turkey gun is a Winchester Model 1897 12 gauge...
  18. salish

    Kriss Kross Razor

    Hello, I hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy. I am looking for advice from others who may have experience with Kriss Kross razors. I have one of those vintage Kriss Kross blade sharpening systems that you see quite often on ebay. Mine is still in the box and in good condition, and...
  19. salish

    Best Years for Fatboy

    I hope this doesn't sound like a silly question, but were there versions or manufacture years of the Gillette Fatboy adjustable razor that were better than others? Gillette razor history is kind of confusing to me. I learned how to shave on a Gillette safety razor in the late 1960's and I've...
  20. salish

    Ever Ready Saftey Razor & Blade Hone

    Hello, I told someone I would post these photos last week, but I got lazy. I have an old Ever Ready safety razor I've been shaving with, but the shaves aren't nearly as good as they are with my modern plastic throw-aways. I'm using the old blades that came with the razor. I have no reason to...