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  1. TimmyBoston

    I need a new grinder

    My inexpensive Melitta Burr is burning out. I'd like to get a better grinder this time around. My brew method is a Technivorm Moccamaster Thanks all for any help, suggestions! Tim
  2. TimmyBoston

    World Series

    Who's watching? Who are you pulling for? I've got no dog in this fight, but I'd love to see Houston win, just for the city. And I'm an Altuve fan. But I don't see them winning with the way the Dodgers have looked all post season. I was able to go to Game 4 of the NLCS at Wrigley and even...
  3. TimmyBoston

    Zwift Cycling

    Zwift is a computer program and connects to a bike trainer and your computer and puts you a virtual video game world to cycle. Sounds kind of silly, but it's pretty cool. I've always viewed indoor cycling as torture, but this program while I can't call it fun, it is tolerable and with it, I'm...
  4. TimmyBoston

    Need a New Roaster

    My trusty old Nesco gave up today, well specifically it caught on fire. So it's done. Was looking at another Nesco at Sweet Marias, but also considering a Drum Roaster. Any thoughts? Just want to get the best machine for me. I drink a pot a day. Thanks for any advice/thoughts.
  5. TimmyBoston

    Need a New Propane Grill

    My old cheap Charbroil is dying. (After not lasting very long) I need a new grill. Checked out a couple Webers at Lowes yesterday but wanted to get some opinions on others. Looking to keep the purchase under $1000, hopefully. Thanks!
  6. TimmyBoston

    Purchased a Vitamix, any smoothie recommendations?

    I purchased a Vitamix 5300 blender last week. I've been needing to add more greens to my diet and I thought this would be a good way to do it. Every day since I've began my day with a Kale Shake I got this from Joe Rogan's website 4 stalks Kale 4 stalks Celery 1/2 Cucumber Handful of baby...
  7. TimmyBoston

    Instant Thermometer Recommendations?

    I need a good instant thermometer, any recommendations? Thanks all!!
  8. TimmyBoston

    I need a new Smoker

    My old cheapo smoker finally died on me. I'd like to get a better one. I really don't know anything about them, but I'd like to get a decent one. Though not top of the line. Can't afford one of those. Any recommendations? Should I go with charcoal or gas? And why? Thanks all! Edit...
  9. TimmyBoston

    Technivorm, which model?

    I'm getting a Technivorm, which model should I get and why? Thanks!
  10. TimmyBoston

    Winter Running Shoes

    The weather has been lousy in the midwest the last week and I broke out a new pair of running shoes. I know I'm not the only one here who still hits the roads and trails in the winter months. North Face Ultra Trail GTX...
  11. TimmyBoston

    Clubhouse All-Stars

    We have compiled some links to our favorite and most popular threads here in an effort to clean up the stickies in this forum. 90 Day Challenge 90 Day Challenge - Merry Resolutions KevDogg's Inspirational Weight Loss Thread Any Runners in the House The MMA Thread
  12. TimmyBoston

    Derek Jeter

    As most of you know, I'm a Red Sox fan. A big one. But I will miss this man. He was class all the time, every game, every inning, every play. He was a team player with amazing defense and a hit machine who always came through in the clutch. He was good for the game. It wouldn't have...
  13. TimmyBoston

    Fit Bit

    Anyone use one of these? Why do you like it? What don't you like? Thanks!
  14. TimmyBoston

    Looking for a Rescue Dog

    My beloved Golden Gracie passed away about 18 months ago. I'm finally ready for another dog. This time around I'm looking for a rescue. I'd like a young dog, a year old or younger and I'm certainly open to a puppy. I'm a runner, not a very good one, but a runner nonetheless and would like to...
  15. TimmyBoston

    Considering switching my fall half to a full marathon

    I've been running for several years, always focusing on the half marathon, but after a terrible, terrible year of training, I have absolutely no chance of pulling a PR this fall at the half I always run in November. I've been throwing around the idea of running my first full marathon. I...
  16. TimmyBoston

    2nd Time at the Range

    A few weeks ago I went to the gun range for the first time (that was the first time I even held a gun let alone fired it.) It was a lot of fun. Last Thursday evening I went to a newly opened range very near my house, it was a lot of fun (just like the first time) I still have loads to learn...
  17. TimmyBoston

    Pasta Machine

    I've decided to start making pasta at home after getting spoiled by a new local shop selling fresh pasta, it's amazing, but dang expensive, so I'd like to get a set up to make it at home. I'm looking for one of those little machines that shape the dough into traditional, usable forms. Any...
  18. TimmyBoston

    I need a new coffee grinder.Any recommendations?

    I've been roasting my own coffee for several years, but I've never purchased a good grinder, just a second hand old cheap Braun one. I've been looking at Burr Grinders. Are they worth the money? Any recommendations? I'm on a budget and can't afford too much, definitely would prefer it be...
  19. TimmyBoston

    Anyone have ATT U-Verse?

    I'm moving in a few weeks and I'm considering getting ATT U-verse to replace my cable TV/Internet. Anyone use it? Like it? What to get? What to avoid? Or just stick with cable. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. TimmyBoston

    Think before you post.... time to vacuum the Clubhouse...Please Read

    Gents, When the Clubhouse was formed, there was trepidation and even opposition about having a sub-forum dedicated to material that is so often fodder for bar fights. For starters, the focus of this forum is fitness. Not my team is better than yours. Some of the latter is always going to...