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    Godrej Shaving Round Soap

    In my experiences with both soaps they are quite different. Godrej is light blue, OS is off-white. Godrej has a unique pungent smell while original OS smells like OS. They lather somewhat differently with OS having the noticeable edge in ease of lather and quality of end result, although...
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    Vintage DE blades

    I use vintage blades on a regular basis. I have some of the old Blues and I agree with you that they can be quite dull. Some others however are quite usable. It does vary. No vintage carbon steel blade is going to feel as smooth as a modern coated stainless blade. If you want to venture...
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    New Member - Micro Touch One

    Welcome to B&B. I'm not sure what the Micro Touch 1 is so others will need to weigh in on that. I do know that you can learn everything you want to know about shaving here at B&B, and then some.
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    Gillette Old Type OC - info required

    Can't help you with technical specs but I can tell you that it is a heckuva shaver and a great design.
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    Peer of the Tallow?

    I'm trying to discern what that means. Am I equal to tallow? Do tallow and I have the same socioeconomic status? Is tallow a man in his mid 50s with a wife, grown children and a mortgage? I just need to know if I should be welcoming tallow into my peer group.
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    Gillette Techmatic - 1966

    Here I go again defending band razors. Whenever a thread pops up on the Techmatic I just can't stop myself from speaking out in support of it. It is the razor that everyone loves to hate but truth be told, it is really not a bad razor. I have several band razors made by Gillette and Schick...
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    Gillette TechMatic: World's worst razor?

    I must be the supreme weirdo of all shavedom. Every time I read a thread about band razors I am stupefied. I have used the Techmatic several times and it gives me very good shaves. I also have a Schick with Instamatic Super Chromium adjustable cartridges and it shaves absolutely wonderfully...
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    PIF: Personna 74 blades "The Sweet Sixteen"

    Great PIF man00ver. Congrats to the recipients. I'm looking forward to your reports.
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    Gillette Techmatic adjustable razor. Question.

    Despite all the bad reports on how these band razors shave, my experience has shown that they are capable of good close shaves. I never sliced myself up with one as I have heard others report. After a few tries it's easy to get the correct angle. The design of the head makes it very easy to...
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    My first carbon footprint: TOMAC

    It's very good to see increasing interest in carbon blade shaving. The carbon experience has earned a distinct category in my book. I think in time that more and more wet shavers will come to appreciate these blades.
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    I told my friend I had Razor Acquisition Disorder....

    What's wrong with you guys? Easy explanation: It was a no soap radio.
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    Went picking. Scored. Yaay.

    I'd call that an amazing day in the wild.
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    PIF: Personna 74 blades "The Sweet Sixteen"

    I don't want to go for the sweet sixteen. I already made the sweet 30. But can I be a cheerleader?
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    Shocking P74 Haul!!!

    That is an amazing stroke of luck. I was eyeing that auction but passed for some reason. As a vintage carbon user the Tomacs interest me even more than the P74s.
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    Apollo No.10 blades

    I have heard of these blades but have not tried one yet. I'm a vintage carbon blade user and can appreciate your enjoyment of using Apollos.
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    Captain CS by Lord, first impressions

    Quite possible Radium. I used to be the lone bidder on many carbon steel DE auctions but I have seen a steady increase in the competition. Not sure if they are collectors or users.
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    Club blades

    Nice find. These appear to be blued carbon steel blades. I can only assume the unwrapped loose blades are used. Even if they aren't they are in pretty rough shape. I have some similar blades with the Club name that were distributed by Fuller (the brush company). The wrappers are different...
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    Captain CS by Lord, first impressions

    Agreed. This is precisely why I love carbon steel blades and why I have been using them regularly for the past two years. They are gentle on my skin. The Captains are certainly terrific blades and are very gentle. They would be in my rotation if I had a good supply. But I am more than happy...
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    Punktal Solingen DE razor

    Very cool razor and a nice set to boot!
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    Captain CS by Lord, first impressions

    You are absolutely right Harrie, and I failed to mention it in my review. I was observing that the Captain is like a stainless blade in terms of the smooth feel and lack of tugging. You are spot-on that it is very easy on the skin and this is characteristic of the best carbon blades that I...