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  1. r0ckrat

    Changes at Tomoe River

    Regarding rumored changes at Tomoe River, GLP Creations sent out this info... Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. r0ckrat

    PIF: a small collection of late 80's O'Neill stickers

    Back in the late 80's my sister worked at O'Neill (wetsuits and surf gear) and i ended up with a nice little collection of stickers in neon colors. First post to request gets the lot, via US Mail. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. r0ckrat

    Parker 45 Nib Exchange, anyone?

    Hey all, My Parker 45 GT came with an XF 14k gold nib, which is just way to fine for me, and I was wondering if there were any 45 owners with a Fine, Broad, or Stub (14k gold) nib that they would be interested in trading with me. Note: I purchased a Medium nib which I like, but I am curious...
  4. r0ckrat

    Los Angeles International Pen Show, Feb 6-9 2020

    I just found out about this. Not going to be able to attend, but wanted to make sure others knew about it as well... http://www.lainternationalpenshow.com/
  5. r0ckrat


    I've been enjoying the inkblots created when cleaning up my pens, and figured some might be interesting enough to share, so I'm starting this thread for anyone who wants to post an inkblot they found intersting. To start it off, this was from cleaning out the cap of a Noodler's Charlie pen...
  6. r0ckrat

    GLP Creations "The Author" notebooks

    I've been following this project for a while, and they are now available WW through Amazon. But I haven't pulled the trigger to order one yet. Has anyone here bought one of these, and willing to offer your impressions? Or does anyone want to discuss these notebooks further? Stationery For...
  7. r0ckrat

    Classic shaving display in Holbrook, AZ museum

    Hey all, Thought you might enjoy these pictures from the Holbrook, AZ museum (Route 66, native american, and other cool stuff.) Navajo County Historical Society
  8. r0ckrat

    Waterman Kultur as an eyedropper?

    Has anyone used the Kultur as an eyedropper fill pen? It would seem to me that if you can seal the threads, there shouldn't be a reason this wouldn't work. The threads seem to be close enough that a little of the same grease Noodler's uses on the Charlie should work to fully seal. But I'm a...
  9. r0ckrat

    Mantic59 gets mentioned yet again!

    Lifehacker has picked up on saving money with classic wetshaving, and ditching the cartridge... http://lifehacker.com/5313711/learn-the-economical-art-of-wet-shaving Congrats on another mention, Mark!
  10. r0ckrat

    My first video

    I made my first ever shave video earlier this week, and thought I would share it here. It's really basic, no sound, just a quick easy 5 minute shave with a Rolls Razor. http://www.youtube.com/v/GqKgnzgIh_U Hope you enjoy!
  11. r0ckrat

    Rubberset 1000 -> GN Silvertip resto

    Just finished another brush, a very diminutive Rubberset 1000 handle in faux ivory, which I set with a 19mm Golden Nib Silvertip knot. Great small brush! And today's SOTD showing bloom:
  12. r0ckrat

    Adding a Brass Ring while restoring?

    I'm currently prepping a Rubberset 1000 handle for a new Badger Silvertip knot, and would like to add a brass ring at the base of the knot where the edge of the handle is. Does anyone know where I could find a trim ring for this purpose? On a side note, the material of the handle is celluloid...
  13. r0ckrat

    Shaving the back of the neck?

    I just started shaving the back of my neck once in a while to keep it cleaned up between haircuts. It almost seems too easy now that I've gotten fairly competent with my blades for normal shaving. I admit, it was a little nerve racking at first, holding the blade behind my head and shaving by...
  14. r0ckrat

    Last December's Hummingbirds

    I was just looking though some photos I took last winter, and found this item. It was taken with a Canon SLR, I think 20D, but it was borrowed so I don't remember specifically. 70-200mm lens. A little saturation/exposure adjustment in Photoshop. We had almost a month of freezing temps, and...
  15. r0ckrat

    Xbox 360 Racers Thread

    If you enjoy PGR4, FM3, DiRT, FUEL, etc. post your gamertag here for other members to find you. Personally, I hope to get FM3 pretty soon, but love a good Bulldog match in PGR4. REDSTRK is my XBL tag.
  16. r0ckrat

    First Barbershop shave.

    Went to the Colman Building Barbershop today for a shave and a haircut, and thought I'd post my experience. The proprietor is currently the only barber in what was originally a three-chair shop. The shop has been down to 2 chairs for a great many years now. The current proprietor bought the...
  17. r0ckrat

    Another wetshaving conversion successful.

    Recently I PIF's a flair tip, Tweezerman badger brush and some Speick cream to a friend, and am happy to report that I've drawn him away from his Norelco lawn mower. Oddly enough, he had additional reasons to be happy about it than I would have expected. He's of dark Eastern European stock...
  18. r0ckrat

    How much would you pay for a Torrey?

    I'm asking this to determine if the price being asked at an antique store is reasonable. There is a decent, clean, shoulderless Torrey in a 2-razor box with a Portland OR marked razor with similar scales. The antique dealer is asking $65 for each razor, or $120 for the "set". i know I'm not...
  19. r0ckrat

    Century brush restoration

    Here's one I'm making for the missus. It's a Century brush, originally horse hair I think. (no banding to the original bristles, and longer.) Sitting with it's knot-to-be(sic) 22mm Golden Nib. It should be dry by the end of today. Will get after shots, and measurements before and after she gets...
  20. r0ckrat

    Current Shave Ready blades

    Here are my shave ready blades... From the top: Generic 6/8 full hollow round point Boker 95 5/8 full hollow round point Wade & Butcher 5/8 1/4 grind round point Henry Sears & Son 5/8(-) full hollow spike point Be Wise (Service B.S.Co.) 5/8 full hollow spike point (2-1/2" edge)