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    Peer of the Tallow?

    I'm trying to discern what that means. Am I equal to tallow? Do tallow and I have the same socioeconomic status? Is tallow a man in his mid 50s with a wife, grown children and a mortgage? I just need to know if I should be welcoming tallow into my peer group.
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    NOS Carbon Users: Name your favs

    I know there are many old stock carbon DE blade users here. What blades work well for you and what razors are the best match for you. I have several favorites: Pal Hollow Ground Fuller Club Marlin Pal Gold Thin Don Juan I get best results in adjustable razors set low.
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    All Hail American Cheese

    Everyone loves American Cheese, right? Why do we love it so much? What brands are our favorites? How do we eat it? I'm partial to New Yorker brand although I think the quality has slipped a bit since Land o' Lakes acquired it. I eat a slice everyday when I get home from work. I tell my...
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    Pal Gold Thin

    For those of you who appreciate carbon steel blades, don't miss this one. It has quickly become one of my favorites of all the vintage carbons I have used. The first shave is a tad rough but tolerable. After that it smooths out and delivers close, easy shaves with zero irritation...
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    Getting to Love Old Carbon Blades

    Through persistent trial and error I have developed quite an affinity for vintage carbon blades. I have tried many...at least 25 different brands...and have arrived at a few brands that shave well albeit much differently than the stainless coated blades that are mostly enjoyed on these...
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    Personna 74 Escapades

    My son reports he has had the same Personna 74 blade in his Tech since I gave him a pack last Christmas. As a 2x per week shaver that amounts to around 50 shaves. I have seen him recently...he looks healthy.
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    It seems to have become an accepted truth around here that Wrisley shaving soap is nothing but re-branded Yardley. The assertion has been made enough times that everyone seems to believe it without question. But where is the proof? Can someone provide a link to any documentation that bears...
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    The Andy Griffith Show

    Who else thinks the Andy Griffith Show is one of the brightest bursts in TV history? What an amazing show. Great writing...very funny...down home charm...a wonderful ensemble of characters...and Don Knotts. He was one of the best and funniest men ever to grace the small screen.
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    Tuckaway Bites

    Gentlemen, I have a very eye-pleasing Tuckaway and I want to use it on a regular basis but the darn thing bites my chin every time I shave with it. Can any Tuckaway users suggest a blade that is a good match for this razor?
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    Dubl Duck DE Blades

    Has anyone ever tried vintage Dubl Duck DE blades?
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    Acquisitions 14 Feb. - 20 Feb.

    If you keep at it long enough you eventually succeed. I found this at an antique mall recently. I was very excited. 1953 President
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    Personna 74

    Personna 74 blades are amazing. If you have not tried them they are well worth seeking out. They were produced in the early 70s and were made in both DE and injector varieties. I was very fortunate to have recently acquired some of these wonders through a trade with a very generous B&B...
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    Colgate Barber Soap

    I'd like to share some pictures of a very nice vintage soap. It's Colgate Barber Soap. This soap was manufactured by Colgate-Palmolive-Peet. I have no clue how old it is but my guess is...Real Old. This soap bears no similarity to the later version of Colgate soap that comes in the red and white...
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    Can this be blocked?

    Moderators...please delete the porn. Is there any way it can be blocked?
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    Blades from Israel

    Just received some Israeli blades. Eddison is one brand. The other brand is Viking's Sword. I think they are made by the same company because the blade wrapper on each is identical. Haven't tried either yet. Has anyone had experience with either of these blades?
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    Platinum Plus vs. Plus Platinum

    As many of us are users and advocates of NOS DE blades, it is inevitable that some interesting private communication about these blades will take place between members from time to time. Just such a discussion has been ongoing between yomuppet and me regarding the merits and characteristics of...
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    Budweiser American Ale

    Has anyone tried this new offering from Anheuser Busch? I found it to be quite a nice surprise. Not top shelf but a good tasting beer and a step in the right direction for AB.
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    Coffee Roasters

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    Counterfeit Lords?

    Awhile back I bought some Lord DE blades on ebay after reading several positive posts about them. I shaved with one and it was absolutely terrible. Really not usable...painful. Thinking it was a dud I tried several others from different packs and they were all consistently crappy blades. I...