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  1. Katia

    Do not talk and fill your pen at the same time.

    Save those clothes, Scott! There's a horror movie in this somewhere and you've just created your costume. Aliens? Robots? Downton Abbey?
  2. Katia

    Women's watches

    Blast from the past! I can't believe they're still around. How cool. Yeah, unlikely I'll ever get to do any diving. It looks like quartz is easier to find, anyway. Well, my cell phone is something like 10 years old, and my computer is a hand-me-down of a hand-me-down... so... yep. :)...
  3. Katia

    Women's watches

    ^ Aha. I never thought of looking for a smaller man's watch; they all seem pretty big. Good call, Kehern. The Orient is strong in the running (though I'm not entirely enamored of the color choices-- wish I could get the stainless bezel w/ the black or white dial). I do love the look of a...
  4. Katia

    Women's watches

    Wouldn't you know... I typed a long reply and browser crashed. Yes, the latter is what I'm after. I tend to go more for the plain/classic styles (though I do love a chrono, but they tend to be too big for my ridiculously-small wrists), which is why so many women's watches are daunting to...
  5. Katia

    Women's watches

    Anyone know anything about them? Is there much of a difference between a women's line and a men's line, as far as quality is concerned (I know that in some industries there definitely is...). Can I trust that a brand recommended here for a men's watch would also be a good brand for a women's...
  6. Katia

    The Calligraphy Thread

    I may be on a slippery slope, guys. :) One day recently I was looking at my everyday handwriting and realized my cursive capital "I" has got to go. It's of the Palmer-type variety but in my hand comes out looking like a strange "cl." Some years back I purposely simplified some of my capitals...
  7. Katia

    My first Lever fill pen

    2668 is my favorite so far (I have a thing for Esterbrooks...). Biggest tip that I hear most people emphasizing is make sure you leave it in the ink long enough to give it time to fill. Apparently a common mistake is sticking it in and taking it right back out, expecting the fill to be...
  8. Katia

    Last minute advice before my first 5k?

    Late to the game here (and I totally need that top Richard's got on), but one thing I find really helpful is pacing to someone else. By about a mile in or so, I find I've settled into a pace and so has everyone else, and then I'm consistently running near the same person or couple of people...
  9. Katia

    Top 5 DE Confessions

    Only 5? Can't do it! (Confession #1: LOOOONG post! I actually wasn't going to post it all since I went way over limit, but then saw another couple long ones above, so you're stuck with me and will just have to scroll past if TL;DR) 1. No prep. At all. No aftercare. At all. Well, it's...
  10. Katia

    Another Lady Convert?

    Welcome! It's a wonderful world to be in, indeed. :001_smile
  11. Katia

    Plumies's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hi, Carol! Welcome. Don't say rule out the possibility of you trying out this DE-shaving thing as well. :001_smile
  12. Katia

    Am I in trouble?

    I feel your pain. I think I'd acquired my first Fatboy at a flea market before I even ordered any other shaving stuff... Welcome!
  13. Katia

    Lather in a bowl questions

    I load in the mug with the soap, then create lather in the bowl. But this may be in part because I need an excuse to have lots of bowls and stuff. :biggrin1:
  14. Katia

    Gorgeous Shave Bowls

    Very nice! Good score.
  15. Katia

    ACV rinse , diluted or raw?

    Maybe it depends on how long your hair is. I know people who can't use ACV rinses in any dilution, as it tears their hair up.
  16. Katia

    Middle Eastern Coffee

    Does that mean post was too long? :)
  17. Katia

    Middle Eastern Coffee

    Reviving thread! My weekend drink (I don't care to get up early enough on weekdays to bother). I also add ground cardamom, as is traditional. My ibrik is big enough to make a mugful. (I would love to get a pretty coffee set, but A. I don't have room to store it and B. why'm I gonna get a...
  18. Katia


    It's also great for your hair if you end up hating it as tea. :)
  19. Katia

    Do most of the men in the world shave with a DE?

    Don't forget women in your statistics, as well. I daresay more women (in countries where women are supposed to remove hair, which is probably largely developed countries) use carts than anything else, although if you factor in all methods of hair removal, wax and stuff like Nair might rank up...
  20. Katia

    Alternatives to the fat Wallets

    Just a wallet. I rarely carry cash, only have three bank cards, and the rest of the cards I carry are things like driver's license, insurance cards, and "in case of emergency call..." I carry things like shopping rewards cards as little as possible; I prefer to just have them look up the...