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  1. awa54


    ...is the name of this handle. I was going for a truncated Beaufort pattern, but there was an area in the grain that kept tearing out, so I was going to bin the unfinished blank, until my GF asked if I could make a different shape with what I had left... This was the result
  2. awa54

    Tung/Watco oil and epoxy?

    Does anyone have experience with gluing knots in handles where the socket has been "open oil" finished? I suspect that the oil component interferes with adhesion, but didn't want spend time experimenting if I can benefit from others' knowledge. I like using lignum vitae and bocote for handles...
  3. awa54

    Bocote "Eaglet"

    A lousy picture, but it should be a very nice little brush, sporting a Maggard 20mm 2-band knot set at 47mm loft. barring unusual circumstances, this will get it's first use tomorrow morning :D
  4. awa54

    FS Two razors and six brushes: Vision PAA RR Trumper Vie-Long Shavemac Omega

    Selling off a bunch of stuff I don't use anymore, all prices are shiped CONUS via USPS first class, I prefer to keep all sales in that area if possible. My Paypal is not set up for "goods & services" (and I'm not going to change the account just for a few BST items, my taxes are complicated...
  5. awa54

    RazoRock Keyhole handle rendered useful in my rotation :D

    I was hoping that the RR Keyhole would be a synthetic knot that worked for me, but it turned out to be a floppy mess and my sample stank of burnt plastics 🤢 Since they're so cheap, I felt like postage cost would make a BST sale almost pointless, so I had been harboring ideas of a re-knot for...
  6. awa54

    Anyone else make handles in Argentine Lignum Vitae?

    I love this wood for brush handles, it turns beautifully and there's no need to treat it at all, as it has almost complete water resistance. There's so much waxy resin in this wood that all you need to do to shine it up when it starts looking dull is wipe/buff it with a rag!
  7. awa54

    Best pipe tobacco scent EVER!

    I just received a couple tins of Asylum shaving soap today, I had ordered two tins of Neroli & Black Pepper, since I've been on a quest for a great Neroli soap and decided to check out the Old Virginia (somewhat non-PC name aside) as well. I have yet to shave with either, but test lathers seem...
  8. awa54

    Proraso "Single Edge" Cypress & Vetyver

    I bought a bag of this over a year ago and was particularly impressed with it, I had been hoping that the vetiver would be a bigger presence in the scent and cypress dominates (at least to my nose), on top of that the big floppy bag-o-soap aesthetic kinda turned me off... Fast-forward to last...
  9. awa54

    Simpsons "Platinum Grade" synthetic questions

    Alright, I admit that I have a love/hate relationship with the *idea* of synthetic brushes and the synthetics I've actually tried so far, the list isn't that long though... Small Kent Infinity (a bit too floppy, but not terrible, PIF'd) Simpson Petrolhead (not bad at all, but tips are a bit...
  10. awa54

    Simpsons just more than doubled it's S&H to the US :(

    I purchased a Tulip 1 in 2-band directly from Simpsons a couple weeks back and they were kind enough to include a free tin of their unscented soap (slight beeswax scent and an excellent performer!), which is on sale for a great price right now. However when I went to buy a few tins at their web...
  11. awa54

    Any good Neroli scented soaps out there?

    For reference, I love the scent of the Phoenix Shaving Planet 9 and Petal Pusher Neroli, but Petal Pusher seems to have gone out of business (and had so-so performance) and the Phoenix soap base gives me red spots all over my cheeks, not terribly uncomfortable, but that's got to be a sign of...
  12. awa54

    Anyone have experience with the TGN "Master Badger" knots?

    These are new since last I visited TGN (so maybe not all that new) and the shorter 60mm loft would be a benefit in my use. TIA!
  13. awa54

    Calling all shavers who get over 14 shaves from one disposable blade...

    I want to know your secrets, since I get a fairly normal 2 to 5 acceptable shaves from every brand of DE blade (except the vintage Personna tungsten blades) and 5 to 10 from injector blades. I also want to know about any mitigating factors such as your total lack of facial hair, the fact that...
  14. awa54

    Simpson, I hate you #SBAD #BAD #MAD

    lol, not really, but there is no sane reason that I should buy a limited run Tulip 1 in 2-band, is there? I mean, I already have a number of fantastic brushes that I enjoy and which fit my preferences in a brush almost perfectly, but I went on the Simpson site to snoop some size data on the...
  15. awa54

    Simpsons "Super" and the Emperor 1

    I recently dove back in to the search for an ideal Simpson brush, having given up for a while after being both disappointed by a Classic 1 and generally pleased with my Commodore X1. This came in the form of an Emperor 1; I've always liked the look of the handle and the size seemed to be in the...
  16. awa54

    Enclosed edge tabs or exposed?

    I've been using my RazoRock Game Changer and Mamba a lot lately and I've come to appreciate the way that these heads cover the ends of the blade where they would otherwise stick out in a way that allows me to scrape my nose if I'm careless while doing an XTG pass there. Not that it's a big...
  17. awa54

    In praise of the humble 15c

    ...and the swankier 11c as well of course. I have to say that the Merkur OC head still delivers one of the best combinations of closeness and comfort in all of shavedom, far smoother than the Gillette "old", smoother than the NEW and even a bit better than the English Tech. In my use it's also...
  18. awa54

    Aftermarket DE handle questions

    Hi, I would really like to find some medium length, moderate weight stainless handles to try. The market seems to be flooded with huge, heavy handles, long handles and novelty shape handles, but all the makers I've found are short on more moderate designs. TIA!
  19. awa54

    Your cheapest and most expensive shave?

    First, this is a no judgement zone... no matter how ghetto or highbrow your shave we're not here to call it out, just to learn the range of members' kits and to hear why they love or hate them. To keep things simple let's stick to pre, soap, brush, razor and post/AS, and a summary of your...
  20. awa54

    WTB RazoRock Halo Stainless handle

    I would like to find at least one more RazoRock stainless Halo handle (the one with the detachable end cap), as it's a better length and weight for my use than any other SS handle I have found. If you have one gathering dust, let me know what you want to get for it! Thanks!