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  1. packtray

    Recommended online sites for finding vintage guns?

    I’m trying to find a Detective Special, but gun shows around here are highway robbery. Any recommendations for an online effort? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. packtray

    Blade PIF for newbies!

    Wondering what blades to try, but aren’t quite ready to buy a blade sampler? No worries; we’ve got you. I’ll send you two each of three different brands of blades from the following list of potentials: Rapira Stainless Vokshod Personna Blue Gillette Goal Feather Ladas Gillette Nacet Shark...
  3. packtray

    Williams: what am I missing?

    Despite my best efforts, using Williams has been a bust. Even the Marco Method hasn't helped. Has anyone had success with this soap? It can be found just about anywhere, so someone out there is doing well with it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  4. packtray

    Master equivalents

    I am assuming that Master products replicate another brand's stuff. Can someone confirm this?
  5. packtray

    New Mergress

    My new Mergress arrived last night. Here we go!
  6. packtray

    Refilling Myrsol bottles: removing plastic stopper?

    What's the best way to remove the plastic stopper on a glass Myrsol bottle to refill it?
  7. packtray

    Dapper Dan?

    Is anyone else tracking this: http://www.pomade-shop.eu/epages/61591627.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61591627/Products/99201 ? It's not Fop.
  8. packtray

    The Veg: where to get a sample?

    I'd like to try The Veg, but it would appear that I am afraid of commitment. Any source suggested for a sample? Garry's Sample Shop doesn't seem to have it.
  9. packtray

    American Safety Razor store brands vs. Med Preps/Blues?

    I keep a couple of packs of ASR's store brand blades they make for the PX (AAFES) for travel. I find these to be adequate. However, I use Blue Labs most of the time at home. The two blades do not seem similar. Has anyone tried a comparison?
  10. packtray

    Rubberset ID help needed!

    So I got a very cool display shaving kit from WW2 some time ago. I call it a display kit, as it's stenciled for a troop, but unused. The military's been making us play the game of keeping an inspection-ready kit for years, it seems. The Rubberset brush, though, is a mystery. Anyone know what...
  11. packtray

    Ultimate backbone?

    Gents, what brush have you found to provide a really strong backbone?
  12. packtray

    NOS Rubberset 200 prep for action, advice needed

    So last year I found a NOS Rubberset 200. I sort of put it away and forgot about it until unpacking here at our new assignment. I'd like to use it, but I learned with an older Rubberset I got before this one that the bristles, are, well, old, and may be brittle. Is there some kind of...
  13. packtray

    Converted! (Acceptance of the burn)

    I recently posted about my confusion regarding the allure of alcohol-based aftershaves. On a whim, I used my sabbatical exception to get a bottle of Myrsol Agua de Limon to see what Myrsol was about. I learned some things, both about that aftershave, and about myself: 1) the purpose of an AS...
  14. packtray

    I dislike "the burn" Does that make me a deviant?

    So as I read a lot of reviews/threads, much is made about the burning feel of some aftershaves. As I try different ones, I find "the burn" to be completely unpleasant, and don't understand the appeal. Is that uncomfortableness an indicator of quality I'm missing somehow?
  15. packtray

    Personna Blue: new packaging = same blade?

    Anyone done a comparison between the Blues in the newly-redesigned boxes and the old style? Your thoughts?
  16. packtray


    Haha boots
  17. packtray

    PCS to Redstone/Huntsville, AL

    OK, assuming Uncle Sugar doesn't cank my orders, we'll get there the first week of April. Anyone in the area?
  18. packtray

    New to this sort of thing (filling Eversharp Symphony)

    So I got a NOS matched Eversharp Symphony pen/pencil set. I think the lever is used to fill the pen, but how does one cause the ink to flow in order to write?
  19. packtray

    Colgate shave stick, 1940s-style!

    So I came across this WW2-era personal hygiene kit. It was packed with unused stuff, like tooth powder, soap, shaving brush, that sort of thing. No troop wants to clean his kit before an inspection, so keeping a spare set is something even I did starting out. The mystery to me is this shaving...
  20. packtray

    A hymn to Ninkasi

    For those that love beer, remember that the Sumerians were down. Happy New Year in advance! http://etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk/section4/tr4231.htm