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  1. Peppery John

    Nivea: Sensitive Skin & Stubble Balm

    Fairly new product from Nivea. It's a pre or after shave conditioner. Just bought some today and it does soften the stubble nicely before shaving and very economically priced too.
  2. Peppery John

    Great site for old movies, no downloading needed with instant access.

  3. Peppery John

    Aerolatte milk frother

    Just acquired one of these babies as a gift. Another gadget to lie in the drawer I thought however, it makes amazing foam, ideal for a moka pot or just make strong coffee. It maybe poor mans cafe latte, but the results are excellent, save a load of dough and it bridges the gap to an espresso...
  4. Peppery John

    Waiting for my first Slant

    Bought a Hoffritz Slant off B/S/T, how do these compare with Merkurs for shaving?
  5. Peppery John

    $120 not enough for mint Fatboy

    Fatboy prices are going crazy. Reserve not met:eek: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=300209115408&_trksid=p3984.cWAT.m240.lVI
  6. Peppery John

    Fatboy problem

    TTO knob will not tighten down, it was always on the stiff side and wasn't a really smooth action, but if I soaked it in mineral oil it would be ok for a for a while and then stiffen up again. Now it will not tighten apart from a fraction of a turn, this after yet another soaking in mineral oil...
  7. Peppery John

    My latest shave Scuttle, absolute bargain

    Picked this baby up from the Village des Valeurs in Montreal for the princely sum of $3 and it works fantastically well. I just add a bit of water to the bowl before my shower, light a tealight and by the the time I've finished my shower it's hot and makes hot lather and keeps it hot, not warm...
  8. Peppery John

    Finally got hold of a feather to try out

    Banged it into the old Gillette adjustable, dialed it down to #2 (normally shave on #5) and did one pass wtg and one atg and then finished off on #5. Result, a simply fantastic shave and no cuts or nicks, just a couple of small bleeder on the neck. I did think that these blades may have been...
  9. Peppery John

    First shave with a Gillette open comb

    As luck would have it the razor arrived on the day I was moving to a new apartment and I'd been busy all week, so there was healthy 5 day growth that needed attacking. I couldn't believe the way it tore through that beard and got a very close shave with ease and just 2 passes, one wtg and one...
  10. Peppery John

    Yves Rocher energizing shaving cream, it's great stuff.

    Just bought a tube of this yesterday $7.50, it's half price for the rest of the month in Canada and well worth trying imho. I wasn't even going to shave with it as it was late, past midnight and was on my way to bed, so I thought I'll just make some lather up see if it's any good then throw it...
  11. Peppery John

    Ebay rip off merchants

    I was going to bid on a razor yesterday, it went very cheaply too. The guy was charging US$4.75 for US shipping, I asked him what shipping would be to Canada and he quoted me US$15. The last razor that was sent to me including a case was franked $2.70. Apart from not bidding is there anything...
  12. Peppery John

    Gillette Travel Razors

    Just took delivery of this baby today $4.95, the postage cost more than the razor lol. I knew it was on the the small side however, I was amazed when it arrived and actually saw and felt how small it really is. Sent me back to my childhood, my mam had a tiny green plastic DE shaver with an...
  13. Peppery John

    Gillette blue, red and black tip razors

    Can someone just confirm that I have these shave types in the correct order? Blue = mild Red = more aggressive Black = most aggressive There was a thread somewhere which I can't find at the moment and not sure if red and blue are transposed. Thanks
  14. Peppery John

    Just had a great shower

    Just relegated Wilkinson soap to my shower soap and had a fantastic shower. Lathered it up in my hair and had reams of later, plus it left my hair really soft as normally it's very dry. I also lathered it up on one of those onion bag body rub efforts, same result foam all over the place and it...
  15. Peppery John

    Roger & Gallet

    I went downtown intending to buy some Tabac soap after reading all the glowing reports of it on here, Guess what? yeah out of stock. I Didn't know what to buy, just something different and spied some Roger & Gallet perfumed shaving soap and remembering that I liked their eau de toilette, thought...
  16. Peppery John

    Shopping in Plattsburg

    Popping over the border at some point. Are there any decent shave shops or stockists in Plattsburg? Thanks.
  17. Peppery John

    Gillette Super Stainless Blades

    Bought some of these blades from Walmart yesterday, not expecting anything special and I got a really close shave, closer than with the Merkur blade actually. So I read the reviews for this blade and it surprised me that they were all terrible. According to the packaging this blade was...
  18. Peppery John

    Canada Post are Useless

    Been waiting nearly 2 weeks for a Gillette Fatboy to arrive and yesterday the seller emails me that the PO have returned the package to her as an incorrect address, Apparently it made it to Montreal and was then turned back. Very disappointed, whether I'll receive this for Christmas now is...
  19. Peppery John

    For my amusement today

    I've got a nice 2 day growth so I'm gonna bbs shave one half of my face de and t'other with Mach 3 power. I have a sneaky feeling Mach 3 might win. :cool: I must get a life :biggrin:
  20. Peppery John

    Yikes! cut myself twice.

    Hi everybody, great site. My name's Kenny. Picked up loads of tips especially about making foam. Anyway returned to de shaving about a month ago after a break of over 30 years and I'm loving it, no cuts or problems until yesterday, lol. Put a new blade in and did a few of passes and then...