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  1. Badmedicine

    Aftershave Hall of Shame

    Admittedly, I've only had one experience with vintage Shulton OS, and while it did not suit me at the time (I was much younger) it only produced a mild reaction. Experiments with home-brewed aftershaves have lead me to believe the culprit is more the "Spice" component. Given that certain Bay...
  2. Badmedicine

    Aftershave Hall of Shame

    Get your torches and pitchforks... I cannot stand Old Spice. There's some component of the fragrance that makes me nauseous and provokes a splitting headache. I've tried it many times during my shaving life, and in many formulations (Aftershave, cologne, deodorant) and all give the same effect...
  3. Badmedicine

    Aftershaves The Wife Likes You To Wear

    My significant other prefers Stetson or Old Spice. Naturally, I can't stand either. Some fragrance component in that scent category (Old Spice, Stetson, Clubman, Brut to a lesser extent) makes me nauseated and headachey. Even the colognes and deodorants do it. The search continues... She...
  4. Badmedicine

    Crown King shavette

    Looks very similar to the Don Jae QL Series, or perhaps based off one of his earlier designs. I have a QL (Designed to use Feather AC blades:thumbup1:), but the price of those blades (and the annoying clamping screw) has made me sign up for the next batch of these.
  5. Badmedicine

    The Official Carve Your Own Pipe exhibition thread

    Well, here's another one of my freshman attempts. I wouldn't ordinarily try to make (or smoke) something like this with so little practice under my belt, but this was a special gift. My little brother (also a pipe smoker) recently finished his Bachelor's in Music Education, so this was conceived...
  6. Badmedicine

    For all you Dippers, Maybe.

    Best of luck with the surgery, sir. I'm going to wager it's either back surgery or some variety of coronary/heart snipping. Having quit dip myself, I concur that it's much harder than any other form of tobacco to let go. Cigarettes weren't a problem; quitting dip (Cope Southern Blend for me)...
  7. Badmedicine

    What type of TEA do you TEA drinkers drink during the summer?

    Summer is about the only time I will drink bagged teas, in the iced form. Since I usually makes 4 gallons at a time, I use strong black teas with one or two flavored herbal bags thrown in, for variety's sake. I find I especially like iced Earl Grey.
  8. Badmedicine

    Advice/Suggestions for Burleys

    It's technically listed as an aromatic, but Mac Baren Navy Flake is one of my favorites. It's simply pressed burley and Cavendish, with just a whisp of honey that accents rather than overwhelms. ODF is a further step into cured burleys, but it presents a nice "alternative" to latakia blends. For...
  9. Badmedicine

    The Official Carve Your Own Pipe exhibition thread

    Well boys, here goes my first attempt at a pipe that cannot also be described as a deadly weapon. By the standards of this thread (not to mention Blade Boy), it's still laughably crude, but I learned a lot in the process. It began life as a 2"x2"x2' hunk of claro walnut from a local woodworking...
  10. Badmedicine

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    Tonight's Smoke: Mac Baren Navy Flake. The maiden smoke for my first "serious" self-made pipe, a claro walnut Rhodesian. Good thing I've got more of the stock this came from, because this is one sweet-smoking little pipe.
  11. Badmedicine

    Newbie's next pipe?

    Pretty hard to go wrong with an MM cob... They even have churchwarden cobs now. As for a new briar, I would go for Savinelli. The Trevi series 320 is my personal favorite, but I would really advise to get a cob. You won't regret it.
  12. Badmedicine

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    Having a (big) bowl of a personal blend called Midnight Special in my self-made applewood poker, The Mighty Thud. Toasted burley, toasted cav, a wisp if KDF, and a hammer-blow of perique. Yummy. Enjoyed while carving a new pipe. Walnut, this time.
  13. Badmedicine

    The Official Carve Your Own Pipe exhibition thread

    Greeting, brothers of the leaf! Just letting you know I didn't fall off the face of the planet. In fact, I've been a bit busy as of late, and I present the results of my labors for your consideration (and probable amusement). Well, here goes my first carve-your-own post. This offering will be...
  14. Badmedicine

    What's Your Moustache Wax For The Day?

    On my last day of mustachioed glory, I finally stumble upon my perfect wax: Elmer's School Glue stick. Thank you, Uncle Gus. Sadly, the stache must be sacrificed for a very important interview. Au revoir, mon Cherie.
  15. Badmedicine

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    Hubba Hubba!:001_wub: As my father is fond of saying, Thin may be in, but fat's where it's at!
  16. Badmedicine

    Any Pomades Similar to Layrite ?

    Having tried both, I can highly recommend Suavecito. The holding characteristics are very similar (Suavecito was started by some rogue Layrite employees, if I recall correctly), but Suavecito is less likely to get crunchy-flaky, and I much prefer the scent to Layrite- kind of an oddly pleasant...
  17. Badmedicine

    Age Old Question. Want To Grow A Beard But Love Shaving Too Much?

    Ah, the eternal paradox. I enjoy shaving as much as the next B&Ber, but having Greek/Roma genetics makes it a never ending battle. Just last month I decided to join the elite ranks of The Bearded (until now, my brother and I are the only males in my family who were clean-faced). It's an evolving...
  18. Badmedicine

    Cigar Of The Day (COTD)

    Last night: DE Nica Rustica El Brujito. Four words: Cocoa Krispies smoke bomb. Seriously. Today: Bahia Trinidad Toro. Very interesting flavor. Cinnamon, caramel, a hint of coconut, and a boatload of pepper on the finish. I got 20 for $20 on CB, and I get the feeling I will be restocking when...
  19. Badmedicine

    Vaping, Vaporizors.

    Yeah... I down about 7.5-10 ml's a day. I did say "raging addiction", right? Heh. Like I said, though, most vapers are not like me. Most just enjoy the variety of flavors you could never find in a traditional cigarette.
  20. Badmedicine


    Suavecito Firme was my go-to when I had long hair, and later for holding a tall Mohawk. Yeah, it can get pretty crunchy, but that was kind of what was needed at the time. Love the smell; I wish so dearly I could find a cologne that smelled like that.