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  1. StratMan

    New Shave Den

    so I got the ok to work from home for a while longer, which resulted in the missus kicking me of the kitchen table... it was time to setup a desk in my new 'office' While setting it up over the weekend I got the idea to also setup my shave den here. Now i can sniff all the scents throughout the...
  2. StratMan

    Muhle R41 v Game Changer OC/JAWS

    My RAD seems to be getting worse and i feel helpless to fight against it :001_cool: My last two razors, a Muhle R41 and a Timeless 0.95 SB SS have been excellent purchases and i couldnt be happier with both. I love the differences both these razors have to offer. The timeless is a smoother...
  3. StratMan

    Animal Hair Brushes?

    good morning B&B community.. One aspect in DE shaving I have limited experience in, is brushes. Have never used anything but a synthetic brush. My experiences with the synths, especially the Yaqi Mysterious Space, has been nothing but positive. I love using this brush, but without any...
  4. StratMan

    Karve OC (E or F) or Timeless 0.78 OC

    i am looking to add an OC to my very small collection of razors. A DE89, Rockwell 6C and Timeless 0.95 SB. Was originally looking at the timeless OC as I am super impressed with the quality and shaves the 0.95 SB gives me. Searching around i have found the 0.38 OC will be way to mild and the...
  5. StratMan


  6. StratMan

    NGD..... New Guitar Day

    This was supposed to be for xmas but no harm in getting an early pressie hey she aint a Martin but the craftsmanship in finish is perfect and the sound absolutely amazing and at a fraction of the price. Had absolutely no intention of getting a yammy but thank the lord for the internet.. there...
  7. StratMan

    went a little nuts

    and bought these based only on recommendations.. Aussie made products that from what i have read are amazing, just been released for our spring hanging to give the La Violetta a crack tomorrow morning :)
  8. StratMan

    Best Lavender Soap and splash

    hi guys.. i am in the market for more soap and splash, yes i know i have a problem :) for the soap, smell is important but performance more so in your much valued opinions.. what the best lavender soap and splash out there? i dont mind getting a matching set or two different brands.. thanks...
  9. StratMan

    Training your nose for scents?

    Hi guys, i would have to say my nose is as basic as it gets. Prior to joining this forum i had never even considered trying to smell out the scents in a soap or fragrance, i just smelled it and if i liked it i bought it.. that is the extent of my though process when it comes to fragrance. I...
  10. StratMan

    Just placed an order

    i think i have a disorder, as i just placed another order :) Only been at this game for around three months and once the order below comes in my Den will comprise of the following Edwin Jagger DE89 Rockwell 6C Soaps… Wholly Kaw Rose Concerto, A & E Vanille de Tabac, CaD, Tabac Original...
  11. StratMan

    What’s your favourite Wholly Kaw scent

    I recently put an order in for some soaps and was gonna wait to get a WK but I can’t hold out.. Would love to hear this knowledgeable forums opinion on your fav WK scent Cheers
  12. StratMan

    Can anyone compare Rockwell 6C v Parker Variant ?

    hi all, apologies if this has already been discussed but i did try searching and couldn't find any direct comparisons. I am asking about the 6C as i believe these are both made from Zamak but i am comparing the shave so happy to hear from anyone with the 6S or 6C and the parker variant I...