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    Your Shaving store transit?

    Anyone order anything from Your Shaving store located in Spain anytime recently to the USA? What was your shipment transit experience? Trying to gauge possible shipping window. I heard good things about the owner and the store so was looking to make a order. Your help would be warmly...
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    FS New: PannaCrema - NUÀVIA - VERDE & ROSSA

    Each for $32 or buy as a lot for $58. If in the USA, will cover some of the shipping fee. I am open to discussing price so feel free message me. New: PannaCrema - NUÀVIA - VERDE & ROSSA
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    I Coloniali : Where Art Thou?

    Does anyone know where I could get my hands on this soap? I think its discontinued but was curious to get even a partial or full portion.
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    Any July 4th deals?

    Anyone seeing any 4th July deals?
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    More expensive than Creed

    I saw another post on expensive soaps and then came across this. I have not read the reviews on this soap anywhere so keep that in mind so I am staying neutral other than to say this would take a group buy or someone here (i am sure there a few) to buy it individually...
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    English Shaving Company

    Not sure where to put this but...reading several good things about service and listings by English Shaving Company. Was curious if anyone made a very recent purchase for USA shipment and what was there delivery window from placement, dispatch to arrival? I am just curious with understanding of...
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    Know name of this razor?

    Does anyone know the name of the razor used around time stamp 9:24? The way its being used looks like a double edge??? I like the way he has the steel cup with divider to use as scuttle. Definitely need to find a scuttle setup like that too!!!
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    BB Awards?

    Does B&B still give out awards for merit, soaps, etc...? I cannot find any recent threads on it. Any input?
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    Trimming/Sanding off blade ends?

    Hi. Has anyone tried to trim or sand off or cut the ends of their DE blades so they dont stick out? This is a problem for those that shave their heads behind/near the ears. I am careful but some days I want to be lazy or there's a patch that's hard to shave. Curious to see? I tried using...
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    Shavemac: Knot size & Silver Tips Recommendations?

    Hey Folks. I'll am going to be doing some reading here but wanted to get input on getting a Shavemac (seeing great reviews on BB). My needs are I prefer circular motion on both bowl and face (including head). I need at least at best 2-3 passes using Haslinger or RazoRock or Cella soaps (2 for...