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    Shims - do you use them, and what are your experiences ?

    Hi everyone. I was just curious to hear from gents who use shims - do you have one always fitted to your razor, or do you use one occasionally, what type of shim do you use, have you ever had any issues etc., Thanks in advance.
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    Merkur / Dovo bankruptcy - can anyone confirm ?

    Hi all. I was just watching the latest geofatboy video, reviewing the Merkur 25C - someone in the comments section wrote that the Merkur company has filed for bankruptcy. Can anyone confirm this ? I can't find anything on the internet, certainly not in English. Thanks
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    Muhle R41 vs Merkur 15C - relative aggressiveness, smoothness etc.

    H everyone. Just wondering if anyone out there owns or has used both the Muhle R41 and Merkur 15C, and if so, could you give some thoughts as to how they compare, which you prefer etc. I already own an R41 (recent model), but geofatboy recently did a review of the 15C and it looks like a great...
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    Muhle R41 - what angle is optimum for you ?

    Hi all. I purchased a Muhle R41 about 12 months ago. This is the milder post 2013 model. The first few shaves were bad, so I put it to one side. 2 days ago, I decided to give it a whirl after several months of not using it. This time, I decided to "ride the cap" as much as possible, so the...
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    Just curious - this shaving brush looks massive

    Hi everyone. I was looking at some Youtube shaving vids and came across this particular one from an Italian barber called Paolo Barrasso. Now, maybe my eyes are out of whack, but to me, the brush he uses is very large, the largest I've seen. I'm just wondering if anyone can identify this brush...
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    Muhle R41 - first shave - meh.

    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a Muhle R41, and used it yesterday for the first time, and I have to say, I was a little underwhelmed. 3 day growth, new Astra Superior Platinum blade, Cella cream, Razorock brush. My routine is a little unusual, in that I do 4 passes (3 WTG and 1 XTG). The end...
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    Shaving bowls - do all those ridges, ribs, protrusions etc. really help ?

    Hi everyone. I've been thinking about upgrading my shaving bowl. I use a standard breakfast bowl, just a smooth ceramic thing, cost a few dollars and easily available everywhere. I know that a few companies make shaving bowls and scuttles, where the inside is molded with ridges etc. to give a...
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    Any point in owning both Merkur 37C and Muhle R41 ?

    Hi everyone. I currently own 2 razors : the Merkur 34C and the 37C. I shave twice weekly, so typically have to shave a 4 day growth and 3 day growth. At the moment, I use both razors for every shave, the 37C for the first 2 passes, and the 34C for the final, clean up pass. Given the 37C is a...
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    Do you use oil (any oil) as part of your shave routine ?

    Hi everyone. I'm just curious to know if folks on here use any type of oil in their shave routine ? Whether it's pre shave, during shave, post shave, whether it's "proper" shaving oil or Bio Oil, olive oil etc. Thanks in advance.
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    Animal welfare - Horse hair v Boar brushes

    Hello everyone. I've been DE shaving for about 12 months now, and have 3 brushes currently : Omega 10098 boar, Semogue 2015HD Silvertip, and Razorock Plissoft. I have read recently that the removal / extraction of badger hair are not great for the animals, and I would prefer to avoid using...
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    Thinking of changing from Merkur 34C to 15C

    Hi everyone. I've been shaving with a Merkur 34C for about 4 weeks. This is my first ever DE razor, after using cartridge razors for roughly 20 years. It's a very nice, forgiving razor, but it takes me 3 passes to get a nice clean shave. I am looking for something a little more aggressive -...