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    Name the Mascot PIF

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    PIF - VITOS Italian soft soap - For New Shavers / New Members

    Thank you again for your generosity
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    PIF Thankful for this forum and it's awesome members!

    That is beautiful. I'm in. The best thing I've received from this forum is advice. It's been a great source of information
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    PIF - VITOS Italian soft soap - For New Shavers / New Members

    I'm in, only soaps I've used are vdh. Still quite the noob in wet shaving
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    PIF - RazoRock Kiyara Slant w/stand Thanksgiving Day Giveaway

    Lions, cowboys, seahawks, 180. Thank you for the pif
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    3D Printed DE Razor

    If you're looking for beta testers I'd be interested in giving it a try
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    3D Printed DE Razor

    That is amazing.
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    PIF - You Know You Want to Try ...

    I'm in. Arko and veg I've been wanting to try but have been a little scared of :) thank you
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    The Freedberg PIF

    I'm in, I'm always down with trying new soaps and creams. Thank you
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    Anyone use only 1 soap or cream?

    Thanks John. I'll take a look for both of those.
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    Anyone use only 1 soap or cream?

    I only use one soap. Van Der Hagen. Technically two because I switch between their luxury and deluxe. But that's an issue of necessity. Most soaps are too expensive so I haven't tried a whole lot yet.
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    PIF: Rolls Razor(s)

    I'm in. I'd be interested in trying. I haven't tried a se or straight yet but I've been interested
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    PIF from former PIFs, plus extras

    I'm in. Thank you for this generous pif
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    Hand made razor stand PIF

    Amazing pif. I am so in. Thank you. You really should sell these
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    My First PIF

    I'm in. My favorite is my super adjustable thank you
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    PIF a Parker 24c O.C. razor

    Woops. I feel dumb now.
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    PIF a Parker 24c O.C. razor

    I'm in. Thank you very much
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    PIF a Merkur Slant razor.

    I'm in. Very generous of you.
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    Pif: 1000 posts thanksgiving

    I'm in. I'm very thankful to have a job :) great pif
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    PIF for two winners!

    I'm in. I'm going to say 70 I might have a lot of faith in you :)