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    Win a Free Muehle/HJM Black Fibre Shaving Brush!

    I would like to join the contest as well. A synthetic seems to be just the thing for a good travel brush plus I like that unique handle design.
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    Gillette Silver Blue for 100 for $19

    Don't have a link to thread, but the seller has 500 blades and 100 blades. Having never tried these I'm only going in for 100 (only 100, I know), but here's to hoping they're so good that my only regret is not buying up more.
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    Worth the hype?

    Thanks. I may have to check these out and compare them to the Reds among others.
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    Worth the hype?

    Who has the $13/100 rate on the Labs?
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    Gillette 7 o'clock Dark Blues

    I would have no trouble recommending Jason (DrIdiot) as he is a great seller but he seems to have low stock on the dark blues at the moment with no bulk buying options. Best deal would probably be from Connaught Shaving. Under $30 shipped for 100 from the UK with further discounts for bigger...
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    PIF Men U Synthetic

    Congrats to the winner. I like the price and the handle of the HJM, but my major concern was the loft size and backbone in regards to face lathering. Good to hear you're enjoying it.
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    mwf ceramic dish

    Here's a question: Who makes the better bowl....Tabac or MWF?
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    Cella scent

    Definitely siding with those who say Dr. Pepper. Or Mr. Pibb.
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    PIF Men U Synthetic

    Posted this question in your other thread before seeing this one... Count me in, maybe I'll find the answer for myself. Thanks.
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    Men U Synthetic Pass Around

    Curious how it held up to face lathering for you. Especially helpful since you have the Muhles to compare it to as well. I've been thinking of making my next brush purchase a synthetic but I never bowl lather. Thanks.
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    TGN Synthetic?

    Anyone able to compare TGN synthetic knots to the synthetics offered by Muhle?
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    A Pif For Anyone...

    Very kind of you. Count me in as well.
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    Russian haul

    Thanks for the link. At those prices a few aftershaves could be worth picking up on a whim. And I really like the look of that Sputnik razor blades pack.
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    Semogue 1800 vs 1305

    If you're using windows, then from the start menu/accessories/system tools/ folder you can find the character map. That program will let you copy and paste just about any character you can think of and, in the case of some characters, like ø, will show you the keystrokes needed. ø = hold alt...
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    Should I try MWF again?

    Were you face lathering? If not, give it a shot.
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    First Gillette SS Shave

    Definitely a reliable choice in the lineup to have, and at a price that makes it hard to justify not having one available. Even as my first DE I have trouble believing it will ever leave my kit.
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    RazoRock new scent

    christhach definitely describes the scent better than I could. After lathering I still had the vanilla, some floral, a little earthiness perhaps? Lathered easily, felt like a good shave, skin left feeling good without dryness or irritation (even if I did myself a disservice by going back to a...
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    opinions please

    You seem to be missing a second or third face to use all that product on. Perhaps it's time to take up swimming and go for a full body shave.
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    RazoRock S. Maria Review

    All of this talk is going to make me regret not adding this to my recent IB order. Nice to see lanolin in it.
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    Avoid 5 O'Clock Shadow!

    I'm in the unfortunate position of having to shave everyday if I don't want to look scruffy but I can't grow a decent beard or mustache to save my life. The perpetual facial growth of a 14 year old in my 20s? If only it took a quarter for such extraordinary proof offers today.