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    Crabtree & Evelyn sale

    I wasn't really familiar with this store but i saw on a post here that they have shaving products and they are in my local mall so I went in today. Didn't actually buy anything but I was tempted. The soaps were a little more expensive then I would like, but the clerk was very friendly and...
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    Does your stubble feel different?

    This might just be me, when I used to shave with a cart my face would feel rough for about two days and then start to soften up as the beard got longer, recently I had to miss a day of shaving for the first time in a while and I noticed my beard started to feel soft again after a little over one...
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    What a difference a month makes.

    I've only been de shaving for about a month. I'm still not great, I just got a blade sampler I think I need to find the right blade. Anyways when I first started I could nick myself and get several weepers in a two pass shave and have no idea what I did wrong. This morning I could feel myself...
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    Van Der Hagen brushes

    My first shaving brush is a vdh badger that came in the luxury set. Since it's the only brush I have it's hard to tell for sure how good it is, but to me it feels too large and too soft. I wanted to try a boar brush since I've heard they're better in some people's opinions for hard soaps. I was...
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    Which sample pack to try?

    I'm still pretty new to double edge shaving. I've been shaving about a month with blue bird blades. It's about time for me to buy a pack of blades. I want to buy a sampler pack but there are so many choices. I don't want to spend too much money but I don't want to miss out on the blade that...
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    How to prevent nicks from reopening

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's had this problem, two days ago I nicked myself on the jaw line. Yesterday when I was shaving I nicked the same spot and it happened again today. I'm pretty sure that at this point the cut hasn't had time to heal and I've just been reopening it. Does anyone...
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    Shriike's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Bader What are your nicknames/aliases? Shriike Where do you live? Cleveland, Ohio What is your age (or) generation? 27 What are you in the real world? Web Developer What is your favorite shave setup? I'm pretty new to DE shaving, but I have a...
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    New to DE shaving

    Hello all, I've been shaving for years with a cartridge razor, mostly Gillette but I gave Harry's razor a brief try. About a week ago I bought a Lord L6 and Van Der Hagen's luxury soap kit. I have yet to get a comfortable shave, I've cut myself several times, and even when I don't I still end...