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    Been wanting to make this video for awhile.

    This is a fantastic video, thank you for uploading, Sir! My favourite every day razor is still the Henckels Rapide, but I use them only from time to time with the original wedge blade, maybe I should use them more often.
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    Le Touriste 1920s single edge razor + no name razor

    These machines are not put to work because you are not willing or able to use pliers and a drilling machine, what a shame.
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    Le Touriste 1920s single edge razor + no name razor

    normal GEM Blades are 39 mm x 19, the Feather FHS-10 are 39 x 17. maybe you should despine a GEM blade and drill some holes into. Just take the old one as template
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    Le Touriste 1920s single edge razor + no name razor

    Your unknown model will take wedge blades for sure, if you want to use a GEM blade try the adapter from Blade adapter (short) by riverrun - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2777434 The Le Tourist razor had two different versions, one with wedge blade and one with the blades you have. What are...
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    Most efficient yet mild razor

    Congratulations! My first shave with the FATIP Piccolo was a blood bath, but then it became my favourite DE shaver only beaten by some Henckels Rapide SE shavers.
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    Continuing my SE search

    I am in the vintage section too. I really love my wedgeblade SEs. While I am german I prefer Henckels Rapide and Mulcuto razors. You can load a Rapide with a GEM style blade which will give you very close shaves, BBS guaranteed. You can get about 5 to 8 shaves from one blade. If you are lucky...
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    Straight Razor Repair?

    Most of these just need a little polish, but get rid of the scales like foresaid.
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    opinions for a dive watch

    The mechanical dive watch today is only the backup for the dive computer like a Suunto.
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    What is your most efficient razor?

    For DEs: Fatip Piccolo OC Overall: Henckels Rapide SE, this gives me the smoothest shave ever.
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    What Soap Do You Consider The Best Value?

    Tabac, good performance, nice scent and it lasts a very long time.
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    First SE razor?

    I started SE shaving with a Rolls Razor, they are affordable and fun to use. If you get yourself a spare blade you'll have no costs for the next 100 years.:biggrin: Now I have a Mulcuto and two Henckels Rapide too.
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    opinions for a dive watch

    The Sinn EZM 3 is far out of the price range and Seiko has some quality issues in the sub 1k market. Things like not right set bezels, twisted dials and the like.
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    Newbie, inherited watches

    Please let these watches service before wearing them, else you risk damage on the movements.
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    Thoughts on preshave oils or creams

    I have a very dry skin and use coconut oil as a preshave around 5 minutes before starting to lather my face. It is not improving my shave, but moisturizing my skin, so I have less irritation.
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    3 pass question

    This is pretty normal, because your hair grows in length, when it is getting wet, when it is dried again is shrinks to its normal size.
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    Too Many Variables?

    Don't underestimate how fast a year passes by. This is approx. 300+ shaves, so there is enough room for experimenting. This foresaid, what you did today is to weaken your stobbles and make it easier for the blade to cut the hair. You showered so your pores were open, you used a shaving oil to...
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    Spring/Summer Soaps

    Schmiere Abschaum by Rumble 59 as soap or Palmolive creme with some drops of mint oil in the lather.
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    3 pass question

    First try your new razors with everything else unchanged. Then you'll see if it's the technique or the tools. The best advice is to map your beard,where are directions changing,where are the whirls. If you figured that out you can try to reduce it to an ATG+ pass meaning an ATG pass followed by...
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    Advice for a SR Newb

    If it is the first time that you are stropping you may should start with something like this: Herold Adjustable Loom Razor Strop Green Pasted Genuine Russian Leather | Maggard Razors Traditional Wet Shaving Products -...
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    Advice for a SR Newb

    So there is a big number of variables to SR shaving, mostly pressure, angle and stropping. You told in other posts that you are wet shaving with a DE for about ten years, so I assume that you know the angles pretty well and have no problem with pressure. Coming from safety razors to straight...