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  1. Texican

    F/S or Trade Cologne Lot

    Looking to downsize my fragrance collection. 1) Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet with box 100ml about 94% left 2) Caron pour un homme 4.2 oz about 95% left $50, Free shipping CONUS Also will consider a trade of Hammam Bouquet
  2. Texican

    Mechwarrior Online

    Anyone play it? Honestly, I thought about looking into it. I have a little time now to play games but like a lot of MMORPGs, if it is dominated by squeakers, forgetaboutit. I tried doing EvE Online and yeah...don't care for spreadsheets in space.
  3. Texican

    Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki Ink 15ml

    Hi all. This is for Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki Ink 15ml (Winter Persimmon). I would prefer to trade this for 15ml or equal to that of other Iroshizuku inks, preferably something blue or black. I have only drawn out one Waterman converter's worth of this ink and...it just isn't my style. I recently...
  4. Texican


    So, I have recently moved closer to my homeland - Lafayette, Louisiana to be precise. I used to belong to the Rec Center when I lived in Wyoming but recently I noticed that there is a CrossFit box not too far from my home. So I am looking into maybe giving it a try. Though I have been weighing...
  5. Texican

    FT: Hammam Bouquet

    Hey all! I have a bottle of Hammam Bouquet, 100ml, that I am interested in trading. It has been sprayed only once, after given to me as a gift by a family member. I used to be a devoted wearer of it, but not anymore. Now I am more into Blenheim Bouquet and citrus eau de colognes. Here are...
  6. Texican

    Any Stamp Collectors?

    Or is it just me? I re-started stamp collecting recently, taking some of my old collections that I have had from when I was twelve. A lot of Soviet space specimens (I wanted to be an astronomer growing up but discovered I was horrid at math) and Third Reich specimens I inherited from my...
  7. Texican

    Tea trading?

    I might need to be redirected but do we have a tea trading circle around here? If we don't have anything like this, I would be interested in spearheading it..
  8. Texican

    Honemeister in the Rockies?

    Howdy. I have recently received an old Solingen straight as a gift. It appears to be in good condition but has some tarnishing and the blade needs to be shave ready. Are there any honemeisters who would be able to restore it?
  9. Texican

    Mississippi River by SPC

    Okay, I've heard a lot of good raves and reviews about this particular blend. So far I cannot find it as it goes like hotcakes at every tobacconist I know of. That being said, how does it stack up with blends like Balkan Saisieni, Dunhill's London Mixture, and Nightcap? I don't dip a lot into...
  10. Texican

    Virginia/VaPer suggestions?

    So I've been smoking in my friend's garage once or twice a week since my wife doesn't quite approve of me smoking in the home. We both enjoy tobacco. He smokes cigars. I smoke my pipes. We read newspapers. Magazines. Debate about politics (he's a raging Marxist, God love him). And play chess...
  11. Texican

    Your every day carry?

    Just thought I'd start a thread. I'm in the market to purchase a new pocket knife. My wife bought me a Sodbuster American Workman by Case. I love this knife. Holds an edge well. But the darn thing is just too large to fit in my jeans pocket. I use it a bit if I'm doing yard work - cutting up...
  12. Texican

    A Compromise.on Aromatics

    So after my wife being against my Englishes/Balkans, and then having her friend's children ransack my pipe collection that I was going to sell, she has taken pity on her husband and has told him that if he would like to smoke in the house, he can. But this pipe of peace (huh, get it?) comes at a...
  13. Texican

    Skiff Mixture

    How does Skiff compared to Squadron Leader? Is it soapy like a lot of Lakeland blends? I have heard that it is "Squadron Leader's little brother"...
  14. Texican

    Balkan Sobranie?

    Has anyone ever tried the original? I have never tried it. I smoked off and on in college and wasn't able to do so. Now I've picked the hobby back up and do so with a good book and a beer. I love orientals, especially Balkan Sasieni and Early Morning Pipe. Can anyone give a good descriptor? And...
  15. Texican

    A Starter Humidor

    So I don't smoke cigars that much. I usually will have one maybe twice or three times a month, usually in good company with friends or parishioners. I'm considering getting a good starter humidor. I don't need a chest of cigars. But something simple to store maybe 20 to 35 cigars at a time...
  16. Texican

    Aftershave Talc

    I've been looking at old WWII shaving kits. I've discovered that aftershave lotion wasn't en vogue in the 1930-1940s, and that it was very much a post war thing. In fact, in Forsythe's novel Day of the Jackal, he writes that in Paris liquid aftershave lotion wasn't really popular in the 1950s...
  17. Texican

    Shalimar does work on a man

    No joke here. This morning I decided to spritz a little of my wife's EDT on my chest. Went to the local Starbucks to treat myself to a latte before work. The barista, a young woman probably around my age (mid to late twenties) across the counter sniffed. "Wow! You smell good! What are you...
  18. Texican

    Starting out again

    So I am planning on starting out again on straight razor shaving. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good intermediate blade? And a good vendor?
  19. Texican

    We are going to Japan!

    Well, not to live. But being young, barren, and crazy - my wife and I have decided to book MY dream vacation - a week in Japan in June. We are going to be staying in Shinjuku, Tokyo. So any suggestions on hotspots we should check out? (we have few days in Nara and Kyoto lined up). But other...
  20. Texican

    Good Japanese Cookbook

    So living out here in the Great Plains of Wyoming means I don't really have the luxury of going out and eating good Japanese food on my own anymore. So, I might as well learn how to fish. Can anyone suggest a good Japanese cookbook? I'm not so much interested in making my own sushi so much as I...