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  1. CapeCodJay

    Newbie saying hello

    Greetings and Welcome!
  2. CapeCodJay

    New Guy checking in

    Greetings and Welcome!
  3. CapeCodJay


    Congrats Joe!
  4. CapeCodJay

    Yea, yea I know

    Greetings and Welcome!
  5. CapeCodJay


    Quite simply Freemasonry is men building better men Feel free to ask any brother mason and we will do our best to answer your questions.
  6. CapeCodJay

    Checking In....

    Greetings and Welcome!
  7. CapeCodJay

    Jim @ 14,000

    Well done!
  8. CapeCodJay

    My dad portrayed in movie tonight

    What an honor for your dad! I'll be sure to catch the movie. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
  9. CapeCodJay

    Things we know about New Jersey

    Went to college there (Princeton, NJ) NJ is one of the few places I know of where people in the "Garbage" biz wear Italian suits, drive Cadillacs/Lincolns, and appreciate a good cannoli.
  10. CapeCodJay

    Hello from Utah

    Greetings and Welcome!
  11. CapeCodJay

    Hello From SoCal....

    Greetings and Welcome!
  12. CapeCodJay

    Noob Checking in

    Greetings and Welcome!
  13. CapeCodJay

    Acquisitions February 16 - 22

    Nice score indeed! Enjoy!
  14. CapeCodJay

    Use the lather wisely luke!

    Greetings and Welcome to B&B!
  15. CapeCodJay

    yet another.... new comer

    Greetings and Welcome!
  16. CapeCodJay

    Newbie Checking in

    Greetings and Welcome!
  17. CapeCodJay

    Newbie checkin in!

    Greetings and Welcome!
  18. CapeCodJay

    Newbie from Singapore

    Greetings and Welcome!
  19. CapeCodJay

    Tea Newbie seeks Advice

    You can purchase them here: www.uptontea.com
  20. CapeCodJay

    What's in YOUR Mug? ~ February 2009

    I'm with you Steve - and I love how Upton packages their teas!