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  1. Chester

    Returned after awhile away .

    Took a break from the site some years ago. Came back to see what's been going on. Nice to see some of the old faces are still around. -- Chet
  2. Chester

    Crooked Teeth - Any Razor Orthodontists in the House?

    I'm not trying to add complexity, but you'd be well-served to take it to a jeweler, for a couple reasons: 1) The bulldog is comparatively rare, and silver plated ... it's not a trivial piece. 2) Jewelers are familiar with working with metals, have all the tools, and know the techniques best...
  3. Chester

    Your First DE Shave

    I can give it a whirl this weekend. Did you just want the shaving part, or making lather, too? -- Chet
  4. Chester

    Well, that's interesting. Astra SS from ebay

    Hear hear! -- Chet
  5. Chester

    Lord "Platinum" blades-clever use of false advertizing!

    I guess that I always thought that "platinum" blades had a kind of platinum edge treatment (like a vapor-deposited coating), but were not actually made of platinum. At least this is what I thought Schick and Gillette meant about their Plus Platinum and Platinum Plus blades (respectively). I'll...
  6. Chester

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Yeah, I've been hanging on to this old Schick Plus Platinum blade for about nine shaves, now. It still works, but has a slight tug. -- Chet
  7. Chester

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Slim Aristocrat with about the 9th shave on a Schick Plus Platinum blade. DFS in 2 easy passes. Must remember to switch out this blade! -- Chet
  8. Chester

    White Merkur Slant?

    I have an old Hoffritz, too, with a whitish finish on the knurling of the handle. I always thought it was a kind of non-slip texturing. -- Chet
  9. Chester

    My first DE shaving experience and your recommendations for cream/ soap.

    Welcome to B&B! Glad to hear that you've taken the plunge! The tech is a great razor to start with, btw. While I'm a little in the minority, I don't have really strenuous objections to canned foams. Some canned foams, like Proraso and Barbasol, are very good, and give consistent lather you...
  10. Chester

    KronaStainless Steel Comfort Edge experiences?

    I'm just tickled to the dickens to hear from another shaver that appreciates fine vintage blades. -- Chet
  11. Chester

    Well, that's interesting. Astra SS from ebay

    Hmmmm. That is curious. ... like a box in a box in a wrapper ... -- Chet
  12. Chester

    Gillette super thins

    I'm a big fan of Phil and Bullgoose. He's a class act. ... anyhooo ... I do not like the Super Thins. I got the Vietnamese ones and just couldn't get anything near a comfortable shave -- lots of pulling. Some people really like 'em, but they just don't work for me. -- Chet
  13. Chester

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Slim aristocrat and about the eighth shave on a Schick Plus Platinum blade. -- Chet
  14. Chester

    I need some guidance.

    At walgreens, Van Der Haagen has a glycerin soap puck. It's good stuff, and cheap. -- Chet
  15. Chester

    How difficult is it to acquire a double ring?

    The thing to do is to keep your eyes peeled. Glide through antique stores and flea markets as you get the opportunity. Not everyone selling old stuff (or old razors) knows that the double-ring is rare. We've seen a number of double-rings here that people just found along with other, more common...
  16. Chester

    Need help with a fatboy repair!

    Have you tried soaking it for a few days in dish-soapy water? -- Chet
  17. Chester

    My new acquisitions!

    Pretty slick! Did you try the stropper on a DE or an SE blade? -- Chet
  18. Chester

    First shot at this

    Thanks for your service, and it's great to hear that you're getting decent shaves. Are you able to get decent DE blades out there? As for saving money, if you keep it light, it can be very inexpensive. 100 blades, which can take you through at least a year's shaving, should be no more than...
  19. Chester

    I'm excited so I had to share Gillette sales display NOS 19?

    Dang. Open comb aluminum techs. I wish I had one of those. Now that I know such a thing exists, I'll keep my eyes peeled. Excellent acquisition. Thanks for posting it! -- Chet
  20. Chester

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Today was a slim aristocrat with the 4th shave on a vintage Schick Plus Platinum. DFS in 2 easy passes. -- Chet