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    I don’t suggest shopping by blade gap. It’s good for relative measurements within a family of razors with similar geometry. But even then it can be a moot point (timeless bronze .38mm being more aggressive than their SS or Ti .68). It’s kind of like shopping for mattresses and trying to sort out...
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    Timeless Bronze .38 Gap

    The .68 timeless (in either SS or Ti) feels almost identical to the Rockwell plate 3 to me. I have the bronze too and it is a totally different feel. More blade feel and less forgiving than the .68 timeless, Rockwell plate 3 and Fatboy setting 3. I think you’d be happier with a .68 timeless
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    B&M vs Stirling

    I think it’s hard to compare the two. I think a nice option in the same cost/performance tier as Stirling but with some more multi-note scents available is Soap Commander
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    The key to a nice shave is through an one pass shave...

    Would if I could. I couldn’t meet Army grooming standards with a one pass shave unfortunately
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    Coconut oil as a pre shave?

    As a fan of all things Cella, this is cool to know!
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    What is Your Smoothest Razor Against the Grain?

    Rockwell 6S plate 3, Merkur 34, and Gillette heritage for me.
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    Best "non-shaving" items / finds for shaving?

    Noxzema deep clean cream cleaner works great for me as face cleanser, pre shave, shave cream, and post shave. I like to do it on occasion. Also as a tribute to my dad who has been shaving with it exclusively for over 30 years.
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    Coconut oil as a pre shave?

    I havent tried coconut oil as a preshave but just wanted to chime in because I was watching an Instagram live with the zingari man owner and she said that when coconut oil is used in soaps it can dry the skin. I’m not so sure if this matters if you shave it off and then conduct your post shave...
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    A guide to cleaning and disinfecting razors (with steps)

    I washed dishes at a number of restaurants in high school and undergrad and all of them required me to soak utensils in a low level disinfectant rated to kill all pathogens prior to running them through their robust dishwashing system.
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    A guide to cleaning and disinfecting razors (with steps)

    Barbicide is a low level level disinfectant. Which is what is recommended for items that come in contact with intact skin (non-critical items according to the Spaulding Classification system). However, it’s rare to find a low level disinfectant that is kind to metal over time. These chemicals...
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    DE shaving with shave foam

    I did a week of shaving with foams. I used Cremo for years and got into using brush/soaps earlier this year. Had no problems with the foams at all. Some really nice ones out there too. I particularly liked Noxzema foam, Proraso Foam, and the Gillette Pure gel/foam. IMO, if you have a blade and a...
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    hand sanitizer w/ aftershave hack!!

    Nice I will try this
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    The pendulum has swung

    I don’t worry much about how other dudes shave. But I do have to shave for my job.
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    Van Der Hagen "Whipped" shaving cream

    I really like their soap, if I can find this I’ll buy it
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    has anyone compared proraso red vs. rocky mountain barber company's sandalwood

    Great comparison, saved me a few dollars, I think I’ll stick with PR
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    I really just thought MDC was hype

    How do you load this types of soaps that tend to last forever? In their bowl, rinse, and let it dry between uses? Thanks
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    Used Blade Container?

    Does using a plastic container hinder the ability of the blades being able to be recycled? Recycling collection where I have lived requires plastic and metal to be separated
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    Thousand Dollar Shaving Society

    Any hobby I really get into costs at least $1000.
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    Barbedeaux after shave

    It’s like those homemade mixtures of alcohol, witch hazel, and uncoated aspirin. You could make that yourself for like $3. The Barbedeaux costs a lot more but has some good skin food ingredients. It has an undeniable aspirin smell that does not linger. I use it either after alum or immediately...