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  1. tipster_621

    My Flare Tips

    I just wanted to share a minor milestone in my collection. This past weekend, I acquired a '58 Flare Tip SS, which was the final piece to my having, what I believe is a complete set of basic American Flare Tips: These were all acquired in the wild, at antique stores, except for the '64 (next...
  2. tipster_621

    "Plain" soap - no more SAD???

    I'm considering not buying any more "smelly-good" soaps, once I've used up what I currently have. I still have maybe 10 different soaps, so this will still take me at least a year or two. I love the different aftershaves I have, but they pretty much match or cover up what little scent is left...
  3. tipster_621

    Old Spice Lagoon AS

    Just got this in the mail today! Old Spice Lagoon after shave - ordered it on Sep 6, and it only took a week and a half to get here from Bulgaria. My initial impression straight from the bottle is that it is a little sweet, but I won't really know until I try it out tomorrow morning. Can't wait!!
  4. tipster_621

    Schick Repeating Razor - Type B Innards

    In response to @tylehman's post about my new Shick Repeating Razor (Single Edge Razor Acquisition Thread.), here are some pics I took last night of it completely disassembled: All the parts simply laid out, then rotated for clarity. Aside from the obvious shaving head/handle you can see the...
  5. tipster_621

    First Acquisitions of 2017

    Went antiquing with my wife and acquired my first 3 brushes in the wild - A red Ever-Ready 100, that was still in the box! This is just a beautiful, bright shade of red. I know a lot of people would leave it in the box, to preserve its pristine condition, but I'm seriously considering using...
  6. tipster_621

    tipster_621's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Tom What are your nicknames/aliases? Tom, Tippi Turtle, The Tipster Where do you live? North Carolina What is your age (or) generation? 48 What are you in the real world? IT Systems Admin/Engineer What is your favorite shave setup? I only have...