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  1. shotgun233

    What’s up with Charcoal Goods?

    I admit I am confused. I have read on this forum the accolades of Charcoal Goods razors. I have also read how they were moving and the possibility they may not reopen. Now I see they are offering the “everyday” razor. I also see where they have level 2 razor on their web site for sale. So…...
  2. shotgun233

    Proraso – Tubes & Tub - almost free

    I am not a fan if Proraso, it just does not work for me. I have a slightly used tube of blue and of white. Also included is a nearly full tube of red. Ideally, I would like to get about $10.00 bucks to over shipping. However, if you can only afford $5.00, that will do. And, if you are...
  3. shotgun233

    Game Changers

    The following items are for sale. Price includes free shipping, CONUS. PayPal only. Game Changer .68-P. - $52.00 Game Changer .84-P - $58.00 Game Changer Base Plate - .68OC. - $30.00 Subtract $9.00 if you do not want the handle. Price includes leather pouch for purchase of complete razor...
  4. shotgun233

    Black Friday Sale?

    I recall last year Above the Tie had a Black Friday sale and I purchased an ATT SE1. Do many of the other online retailers have Black Friday sales? I am specifically interested in Blackland, Timeless, and Colonial.
  5. shotgun233

    Timeless Questions

    First, assuming the same base plate and blade gap, does the scalloped cap shave differently than the smooth cap? Second, what is the general opinion of the dual-comb? It seems like a great idea to me, but then I wonder why more brands don’t offer it.
  6. shotgun233

    Discounts Galore

    Well, maybe “galore” is a little over the top, but I did get two emails offers with very nice discounts. First, Blackland is giving an 18% discount on their products, yes including the Vector, in celebration of Shane’s birthday. I believe it ends tomorrow. The Vectors are not in stock, but...
  7. shotgun233

    FHS Blades – Question and Comment

    First the question – Why are people only getting 1 to 2 shaves per blade from the FHS blade when all the other Feather blades provide many more shaves per blade? I can’t believe that Feather is deliberately cutting quality on their blades to make them wear out sooner just so they can sell more...
  8. shotgun233

    Occam's Razor at 50% off for 24 hours

    I received this email from Classic Shaving. I thought I would pass it along. The Amazing Occam's Razor Sale!
  9. shotgun233

    Colonial Razors

    I am curious. I keep reading about the Colonial General single edge razor and apparently, it has a lot of fans on this forum. When I go out to the internet to look for the razor, I see that they do have a web site, but absolutely no information about the razor, prices, availability etc. Are...
  10. shotgun233

    Technique for injector and AC razor

    As a recent convert from DE to SE shaving, I have been using the Gem style razors. I understand that the shaving angle is very steep with the Gem style razor (head of the shaver almost touching the skin). I want to branch out to other SE razors. Does one use the same technique (“ride the...