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  1. kobayashi

    Apollo Mikron problem

    Hello all, I have apollo mikron adjustable safety razor and ben hur. With Apollo have small problem. When I put blade in the razor and close it to the end, everything is fine. But, when I start to adjust it, there is no firmness, and the cap can move up and down, and also knob can move up and...
  2. kobayashi

    Recognition of safety razor

    Hi all, i need little help in recognition of safety razor. Here is pictures and if anyone know mark or tipe pls let me know :blushing:
  3. kobayashi

    kobayashi's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name? Dimitrije What are your nicknames/aliases? Dima Where do you live? Serbia What is your age (or) generation? 31 What are you in the real world? Security manager What is your favorite shave setup? Tabac, Vergulde, gillette adjustable slim...