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  1. Carlo A

    Time to laugh....or not!

    Good evening gents. Is this really what a modern man wants? If so, call me Fred Flintstone. I don't even need to say how I feel about the following. Enjoy...:bored: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGP19_M0RcY&feature=related
  2. Carlo A

    Rolls Razor anyone?

    Good day gents. Is there any member that uses a Rolls Razor? I have recently acquired one and completely cleaned it up. The only thing left is to make a replacement strop for the unit. The hone is removed and will not be replaced as I will hone it on a barber's hone myself by hand...
  3. Carlo A

    Issues finding soaps.

    I've been quite sad lately because i've given up on finding good soaps and creams at good prices. -G F Trumper costs 55$ w/bowl at a local store, 35$ w/o bowl -Same for Dr. Harris -Same for Truefitt and Hill -Tabac on Ebay is 45$ shipped and that's for the refill only (57$ w/bowl). The...
  4. Carlo A

    DE blades disposal.

    Good day everyone. I was wondering today how to dispose of my DE blades. These def. can be recycled but, do they go with scrap metal (waste car parts) or in the household recycle bin? i.e.: Do i put them along with tuna and food cans, or do I take them to a local scrap metal area? I...
  5. Carlo A

    Vintage Chinese DE

    Good day gentlemen.....and ladies. I recently purchased a vintage DE from a local antique store as my interest in DE began to rise. I bought it for 15$ and, even if its not worth it, its looks great-I think it's worth it though. It is a travel model, quite small yet easy to hold and set...
  6. Carlo A


    Good day gents. I'm a recent newcomer to wetshaving and str8 rzr shaving alltogether. When I was younger, I used to criticize my father because he wasted his time and money on creams and brushes, and I regret doing so because now that I am older (10 years later) I am doing the same. And...
  7. Carlo A

    Stropping controversies!

    Good day gents. As a newcomer into str8 rzr shaving, I have made quite a bit of research, and consequently, found some critical information about stropping and blade behavior. Many of you strop after, between, or before each shave: we all have different preferences which is understandable...
  8. Carlo A

    A melody for the afficionados!

    To all the ladies and gentlemen who decided to follow the old fashioned way. Cheers everyone!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6ya7ZRlrEo paste the url and enjoy one of the most famous. Cheers all.
  9. Carlo A

    Big beard, Full hollow.

    Hello gents. I need some advice on my newly acquired full hollow, 6/8 razor. Pardon me if this question has already been posted before. Yesterday was my very first shave with a str8 rzr, and it was phenomenal!!! Honestly, I was ready for alot of cuts & nicks and an unclose shave, but to...
  10. Carlo A

    "Master USA" Review

    Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you the "Master Usa" straight razor, the Ultimate in razor performance! Newbies beware! Do not be tempted by the price tag! -------------------------------------------------------- After impatiently waiting, I finally had the chance to test out this...
  11. Carlo A

    Poor man's tools (update)!

    Hello again gents, The following pictures demonstrate my newest creations. Basically from a crappy looking brush stand to 2 pretty looking, nicely finished stands. Big thanks to Xezmer and the fraternity! :euro: Enjoy guys. :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:
  12. Carlo A

    Poor man's tools!

    Good evening gentlemen. The object of this thread is to give ideas to other newbies, like myself, to save money. Before commenting, remember that i'm being creative because I'm trying to save a few bucks. And as a beginner, this should at least spice up my shaving experience. What I...
  13. Carlo A

    A home made scuttle/holder

    Good evening gentlemen, I recently got creative and made my own scuttle / brush holder, and it's not bad. Please note that I prioritize functionality over looks, so try not think out loud too much (some of you will probably fall to the floor while others may find it smart and original). I...
  14. Carlo A

    Wilkinson Vs Williams

    Hello gents, I have had trouble finding threads for the following two soaps: Wilkinson sword soap and Williams mug shaving soap. Any opinions are welcome. BTW, these are fairly cheap in price, around 3.2 cents/gram! Thanks everyone.
  15. Carlo A

    The CHEAPEST shaving cream possible

    Greetings gentlemen, Before you criticize me about what you will read in the following, please bear with me and offer opinions. Also very soon, I will post a review on one of the cheapest str8s available! So stay tuned! This is my contribution to the members, so to speak. Anyways, I...
  16. Carlo A

    A "Master USA" blade for a newbie?

    Hello everyone, I just ordered a 12$ flat ground 3" razor from Ebay, and I'm afraid that its a bad choice! I need feedback on whether I should use it or toss it. From what I read, I really feel that a bad experience is about to happen soon. BTW, I decided to purchase this blade because I am...