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  1. Chester

    Returned after awhile away .

    Took a break from the site some years ago. Came back to see what's been going on. Nice to see some of the old faces are still around. -- Chet
  2. Chester

    Rediscovering the Progress

    I shaved with the Progress (standard short-handle, with the cream-colored plastic adjustor knob) last night, for the first time in more than six months. It was a great experience, and one that I'm looking forward to repeating over the next couple weeks. I put a 70s vintage Gillette Platinum...
  3. Chester

    Looking for the best Trac II carts

    Hiya, I recently picked up a nice Trac II/Super II handle, and I wanted to find the best possible carts to put on it. The Super II was my very first razor, and I haven't used one for more than 25 years, I'll bet. I made a real mistake when I bought some personna carts for Atra, awhile back, and...
  4. Chester

    New and Old: a brief tour with vintage and current-production single-blade carts

    So, on a lark, I decided that I'd give the Wilkinson Bonded a try. I placed a bunch of bids on ebay and got set up with a few handles and a bevy of carts. My dad used to shave with a Wilkinson Bonded in the 70s, so I remember them. Never shaved with one, though. It's a lightweight razor...
  5. Chester

    From the Back-of-the-Rack: Konvex Open-Comb

    Well, in the spirit of open-comb March, I have a new selection from the back-of-the-rack that is perhaps the MOST open-comb of all open-comb razors: the Konvex Open-Comb. The most remarkable aspect of the Konvex is that it has combs on the -=sides=- of the razor, too. It's open-comb all the way...
  6. Chester

    From the Back-of-the-Rack: Le Coq Adjustable

    Well, I've taken up another selection from the Back-of-the-Rack: the Le Coq Ajustable. To be fair, I'm not familiar with the full line of LeCoq razors, and I only have a couple of them, but this one seemed to be a pretty good contender for selection. It's an adjustable, where (by unscrewing the...
  7. Chester

    From the Back-of-the-Rack: Apollo Plastic-Baseplate 2-Piece

    Well, this one ambled around the bottom of a box of acquisitions from Europe. When I bought it, I really didn't plan on using it, but as I began scouting the archives, it seemed to be a bit of a lark. Why not try it, after all? The razor is a 2-piece. There's a cap that comes off as you unscrew...
  8. Chester

    From the Back-of-the-Rack: Schick Repeating Razor

    Well, after a short break from the Back-of-the-Rack (owing to the Joris tour!), I'm back with another of those dusty relics that many of us might have, but haven't shaved with. This week's offering is an open-comb Shick Repeating Razor. This one is gold-tone. I have one of the silver...
  9. Chester

    From the Back-of-the-Rack: The Atra

    I've been making my way through the back of my rack, exploring the razors I keep but just can't find regular time to shave with. I give each one a few shaves and move on to the next. This time around, I went to a place that I haven't visited in a long time: the twin-blade cartridge shaving...
  10. Chester

    Cambodian DE

    Hiho! I just got back from Texas and wanted to share are goody from Santa this year. (Santa still does not receive regular updates about my bad behavior, so he's under the impression that I am a good boy and deserve nice things from far away places.) Santa, as usual, is awesome! Anyhow, my...
  11. Chester

    From the Back-of-the-Rack: Apollo 2-piece

    Well, after a less-than satisfactory experience with the Kampfe Lather-Catcher, I've moved on to the next of the back-of-the-rack selections: the Apollo 2-piece. Made in Germany (I have no idea how long ago), it appears to be chrome plated, or perhaps it is very shiny nickel plate. Does anyone...
  12. Chester

    rough start with the lather-catcher

    Today, I picked up the next of the back-of-the-rack selections -- the Star (Kampfe) Lather Catcher. I put in an old "Blue Star" Gem blade in it, lathered up as usual, and tried to shave on 2 days of growth, keeping the blade as close to my face as I could -- yowza! This was a rough shave. I got...
  13. Chester

    Members in Norway?

    I realize that this thread may be posted to an improper list, and I beg the forgiveness and guidance of the mods in seeing it placed appropriately. I'm looking for B&B members in Norway, as I'm planning a trip out there in six month's time to visit some relatives and vacation, and it would be...
  14. Chester

    Finally Tried the Neo-Ras

    Well, I reached for the back-of-the-rack again, and came up with the Neo-Ras. The pic is of a white one, but mine is black. (I also lack a box & booklet!) All the same, a very interesting experience. The razor forces you to use one edge for each side of your face. I found it pretty easy to...
  15. Chester

    Can I Borrow that Pipe-Cutter Tool From Someone?

    ... you know, the tool that's made out of a pipe-cutter, with the edge rounded off. ... the one that helps re-set the bead on the bottom of a fatboy/slim/superspeed, to hold the TTO knob in. I've got a fistful of fatboys that are suffering from the sliding knob problem, and I know that I'll...
  16. Chester

    Nicplata Admiration

    As some might know, I've been spending a lot of time lately going through the back-of-the-rack, looking for the razors that I haven't shaved with, or haven't brought into rotation for a long time. 3 shaves each, and I'm on to the next one. Thus far, I've spent time with: - the black-bottom...
  17. Chester

    The Surprising Fasan Slant

    I've had two really really good shaves from a Fasan (sp?) slant. It's an open-comb slant (wicked twist on the blade, too) in bakelite. I've thrown a souplex blade in it and the results have been awesome. I wish I had a better handle on the availability of a metal version of this razor. This was...
  18. Chester

    slant experience & observations

    I had my second outing with the slant (a brand-new gold-plated merkur) this morning. Used a souplex blade. I've been pretty pleased, on the whole. I get some inconsistency from one side of my face to the other, which leads me to believe that I'm not quite getting the angle right, but the second...
  19. Chester

    Credit Card Razor

    Came across this today. Looks interesting. -- Chet http://uncrate.com/stuff/carzor/
  20. Chester

    Baffling PAL adjustable Disappointment

    I managed to pick up a PAL adjustable on the 'bay, and it showed up last night. So I gave it about 20 minutes in the ultrasonic cleaner, and a good scrubbing with the bubbles. It had a blade in it, which I tried to replace with a fresh chinese schick, and the schick blade didn't slide in...