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  1. pejay66

    Electric Razor added to Wet Shaving gear

    Morning, I received a Braun Series 7 razor for Christmas. While I wet shave during the week and weekends, I use this new electric razor in the early morning when I am in a hurry for work and when I travel. To be honest, the shave is fantastic and very close to the BBS I get from my OCs. It has...
  2. pejay66

    Home of the Open Comb

    Hey all, Just returned from a two and a half week trip with my wife. We drove from Amarillo to Cooperstown, NY. My wife went on to visit family in Pittsfield, MA while I began work to pack up for my Mom's move to Baton Rouge, LA. When my wife returned, we spent a week packing. We had some...
  3. pejay66

    Razor heads?

    I have several handles I would like heads for. Any ideas where to look for just heads? Thx. Patrick
  4. pejay66

    One of my best shaves!

    Screwed a Weber Bulldog onto my new Fatip head and inserted a Voskhod, lathered up with some TOBS and got after it. The result was one fine BBS shave with no irritation or the slightest of nicks. Great razor, blade, and soap...
  5. pejay66

    Pen collection

    Just got my pen collection out of storage. Wanted to get my MontBlanc and some of my high end Pelicans out. It was good to do some writing with old friends.
  6. pejay66

    Cleaned 1907 Gillette OC

    I received this 107 year old Gillette OC two weeks ago in a trade. It was in good shape (wish I had taken a before and after). However, the handle and the knurled end had a dark gray cast. I made a paste of Dutch Cleanser (non scratch formula). and used a jewelers brass brush and gently worked...
  7. pejay66

    New handle for brush?

    I have a really nice silver tip from china. I want to change handles from the black plastic to perhaps wood. Does anyone provide this kind of service? Thx. Patrick
  8. pejay66

    Semogue 2013 Barbear Classico "Mistura" Limited Edition

    Just got this yesterday and used it this morning. It has good backbone but still has that badger softness with some boar scrunch. The mix is tight with 90 Boar and two band badger. As usual the cherry handle looks great. Will switch between this and my favorite the SOC.
  9. pejay66

    Words pronounced.

    How does one pronounce Semogue and Muhle?
  10. pejay66

    1907 Gillette OC

    Just finished a shave with a 1907 OC. I acquired it in a trade for a slant. I used my usual Proraso Green and placed a black 7'Oclock in the razor and started. The razor is very light after using Bulldogs on most of my razors. However, it was one on the best shaves I've had even though most are...
  11. pejay66

    Gillette Slim response, "Is it for sale?

    Post deleted moved to BST. Thx
  12. pejay66

    Matador open comb shave

    I received my Matador Open Comb in the mail yesterday. I removed the black handle (a nice handle), and added a Bulldog. This morning it went like this: 1.) Filled scuttle and added SOC, showered, emptied and refilled scuttle. 2.) Applied hot washcloth to face and then applied Proraso...
  13. pejay66

    I let the BEAST out today.

    I let the Beast out today. I received my Muhle R41 (2013) yesterday. I removed the pearl handle which I traded to a member on B&B. I added a Bulldog as you can see in the pic. So did all the pre-shave prep as usual (I used the SOC Boar I got two days ago). Again what a brush. It is really good...
  14. pejay66

    Semogue Members Club

    Got the SOC brush in the mail yesterday. Italian Barber says: "This fine brush has the best boar bristles available, carefully selected to provide the ultimate shaving experience. This is arguably the best production boar brush ever made. This brush has the same dimensions and the same special...
  15. pejay66

    Sourced out razor heads.

    I am thinking this gas been discussed before. I was looking at my Merkur, Jagger, and RazoRock shave heads yesterday and feel they are identical. Do most makers get them from the same source or at least copy them?
  16. pejay66

    Test Tube Razor Stand!

    Just got this today. Found somewhere on B&B where a person had found this but it would only ship to CONUS. Anyhow a cheap solution (test tube rack). It is made in India. About $12.00 shipped. :thumbup1:
  17. pejay66

    What brush is this?

    Hey all, I got this brush on a trade with a fellow member with several other things. He said it was a synthetic brush. When I put it next to my Semogue 830, they could be identical twins. It has no sticker on it. Could it be an Omega # 40652 Synthetic Shaving Brush - Nylon Bristles?
  18. pejay66

    First shave Merkur 37C

    Morning all, Just finished a shave with my new Merkur 37C. Most of what I've read has been about how aggressive it is. After using it I can say it is not a razor for a "newbie" to wet shaving should pick up as the first razor. That said, it was a great shave. I use a very light touch when...
  19. pejay66

    Beard type and blade.

    I am waiting for my R41 and 37C to arrive. I purchased an iKon Bulldog for the Muhle so, in the mean time I am using my DE87 with the Bulldog handle. Every day I switch between this and my 34C. First shower, prep with Proraso Pre, use, TOBS or Proraso Green. Three passes, cold washcloth, Speick...
  20. pejay66

    Great Saturday Shave.

    Broke out a Feather and loaded my 34C. After some Proraso White Pre-Shave, I lathered up some TOBS (just a dollop goes for miles on the face). Three passes with wonderful lather out of my G20. Cold washcloth, alum bar, Speick, and AOS Lavender Balm all equals a BBS to take out into the day!