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  1. Guster

    Found in the wild. How did I do?

    I picked up this razor today at an antique shop for $40 and I hope I got a good deal. I believe this is a 1954 Z-3 Diplomat in it's case. The case isn't perfect but the razor looks really nice. I can't wait to try a shave with it.
  2. Guster

    Fine L'Orange Noir Gen.2 vs. Gen.3

    I have the L'Orange Noir Gen.2 (the one with more menthol), but never got to try Gen.1. I like the Gen.2 and get compliments when I wear it. What can I expect from the Gen.3 coming out? Does it smell more or less like Terre D'Hermes then Gen.2?
  3. Guster

    Wife asks "Pinaud, Is that French?

    Wednesday, after I shaved, I applied Pinaud Clubman and went down stairs. My wife (who has very expensive taste and automatically dislikes anything cheap) give me a hug and says "You smell good. It's kind of citrusy. What is it?" So I simply answer "It's called Clubman by Pinaud." That's when...
  4. Guster

    Guster's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Kevin What are your nicknames/aliases? Guster Where do you live? Ohio What is your age (or) generation? 42 What are you in the real world? Industrial Motor Controls Tech./ Beginner website builder What is your favorite shave setup? Gillette...