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  1. Z4CHc

    Blasphemy? a Barber Razor?

    I'm hoping it's not blasphemy or anything to post about barber razors/shavettes in the straight razor forum but I wasn't quite sure where else to go... I was wondering if anyone has heard of the brand "Slicke"? I bought a Slicke Barber Razor on Ebay for $2.80 and just received it from Kyrgyztan...
  2. Z4CHc

    Interesting find at Grandpa's House

    This weekend my family headed out to my grandparent's house for Thanksgiving. I was pretty excited not only because I got to see some of my less-frequently seen family, but also because before I was really into wet shaving I had noticed what I thought was a wet shaving set on their bathroom...
  3. Z4CHc

    Williams Shaving Puck

    I tried Williams Shaving Pucks for the first time on Thursday after buying two on a whim when I saw that it cost a measly $1.25 in a local Albany, NY grocery store. Honestly, after seeing various sources talking about how ridiculously difficult it was to get a good lather out of it, I was...
  4. Z4CHc

    How much is too much for a black beauty?

    I have an opportunity to buy my father's birth year/quarter 1969 Black Beauty razor in good condition but the best price I am able to get is $47 for it... that being said it comes with a vintage made-rite brush which comes with the original box... Should I go for it or play the field? It's a bit...
  5. Z4CHc

    WTB O-4 Gillette Razor very good condition

    My father's birthday/the holidays are coming up pretty quick and I was hoping to convert him to DEs. I thought, "what better way than to get him a razor from the same year and quarter he was born!" I looked on eBay and etsy and found a few, but it was hard to tell the condition they were in and...
  6. Z4CHc

    Help with Birthyear Razor?

    I'm trying to find my father's birth year and birth quarter razor if possible but I don't know too much about them. He was born in very late December 1969 so I know his letter code is "O", but what about the number that follows it? Where is the best place to find them? Is there a specific...
  7. Z4CHc

    The Samuel Adams Brewery

    So being a relatively new resident of the Boston area and having a grad school budget, I decided to tour the Samuel Adams R&D brewery the two weekends ago when my SWSBO (S for Should not Must, since we aren't married) came to visit... we had a great time, despite getting there for the first tour...
  8. Z4CHc

    I Concocted a little something.

    I wasn't sure if this was fit for the AS mixing thread as technically it wasn't two aftershaves/colognes, but I was feeling a little wild the other day and combined unscented Lubriderm Men's Face, Body, and After Shave lotion with some jojoba oil and Florida Water... came out as a lovely balm, a...
  9. Z4CHc

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Hello all, I was given a pipe and some quality pipe tobacco by my friends/housemates for my birthday as they had seen me eyeing them previously in a popular Cambridge tobacco shop... I loaded a bowl according to what I had read here, and smoked it... I'm not sure if I did something wrong as it...
  10. Z4CHc

    Went out to get a new pair of shoes today.

    I found a pair that I kinda liked but decided against buying them. They were pretty comfortable, they just didn't have enough sole.
  11. Z4CHc

    I Done Goofed.

    For those of you that saw my thread about BBS on the neck, you know that I have been unable to achieve full neck BBS. Thinking about my shave procedure for the neck, I realized that I have been doing it wrong the entire time, which not only explains my lack of perfect shave but also my...
  12. Z4CHc

    WARM shaving soaps?

    So I know there are menthol cool shaving soaps that everyone loves in the summer, but are there any warm soaps that would be perfect for a cold northeastern winter? Do warm shave soaps even exist?
  13. Z4CHc

    Two user titles alike

    I am Wingman for Stan there is another person whom just also became Wingman for Stan. will the moderator do something about this Please pm me This is for the moderator or others that can stop this confusion. Look, Wingman for Stan is my middle user title it was my fathers and his fathers...
  14. Z4CHc

    With Regard to the Recent PIFsplosion

    I noticed yesterday that there were an incredible number of PIFs being started recently and I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude toward the fine gentlemen and women that are starting them. For many people like myself, right now PIFs and gifts from family are the only real ways...
  15. Z4CHc

    Is BBS on Neck even Possible?

    When using my dovo shavette, I am having trouble getting a perfect BBS shave on my neck... my hair seems to grow across so the only way to do full ATG is cutting completely horizontal across my neck, which seems relatively dangerous... even with a WTG, an XTG pass and even a diagonal XTG pass, I...
  16. Z4CHc

    Stropping Help!

  17. Z4CHc

    Stropping Help!

    I am new to straight razors and am concerned that I may have improperly stropped my razor... how can I tell if my razor has been stropped to a "U" point rather than the necessary "V" point? Also, what is the best way to insure a proper stropping?
  18. Z4CHc

    What Beard Trimmer do you Pack?

    So I've been using a Wahl beard trimmer that I picked up for an emergency shave six months back and noticed that it's been starting to catch on my beard hairs and not cutting super evenly, so it's time to look for a replacement... What kind of electric trimmers have you all been using to keep...
  19. Z4CHc

    Please Help!

    Hello Gents, I just received this razor and was thinking about doing a minor restoration job. I'm a grad student so I'm very tight on cash and was hoping you all would have some technique and materials suggestions... Also, how do I determine what the scale is made of?
  20. Z4CHc

    DIY Beard Oil?

    I've been making my own beard oil recently and am wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for a carrier oil I can use without risking it going rancid. thank you all in advance!