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  1. Bengal Tiger

    FS Mild Razors and Brushes. Den Clearing

    I have more shaving stuff than I need and figure others might like to use these great items. I mostly just want to cover shipping costs for the cheaper ones. These razors are mild and great for newbies or those with sensitive skin. Used Razors in good working condition Classic Gillette...
  2. Bengal Tiger

    When does Allen Edmonds have sales?

    I remember getting some fantastic boots last year around January on the last day of a big sale on all their boots. Do they follow a predictable schedule for these sales? I might treat myself to another pair, but only at the sale price. The model I want is new and won't be on shoebank for quite...
  3. Bengal Tiger

    Summer blazer/sport coat for hot weather?

    So, B&Bers, how do you manage wearing sport coats or blazers in the summer, or even wool suits? Thankfully I don't have to wear it every day, but there are times when I need a coat and tie for meetings, and it's a very hot sweaty uncomfortable experience. I bought a 100% linen sport coat from...
  4. Bengal Tiger

    Wide Dress Boots

    Where's a good place to get nice classy looking dress boots for wide feet? Either a brick and mortar store, or an online store with a generous return policy, and the brands that offer this? The wide size for Clarks, Timberland, and Rockport, work for me, and New Balance sneakers. Are there any...
  5. Bengal Tiger

    What's going on with Musgo Real prices?

    I got a tube of orange amber cream last year for $14 but now I see it for $22 on Amazon and West Coast Shaving and others. It's a good cream but not worth $22. It's $14 on the European vendors. Did something happen at their factory to restrict supply or something? On the flip side, I'm seeing...
  6. Bengal Tiger

    Who sells Edwin Jagger Replacement Parts?

    I could use a replacement top for the razor head on my DE86. The screw threads have gotten a bit corroded. Do any of our fine B&B vendors sell this? And which other brands will fit an Edwin Jagger razor? Thanks in advance :thumbup:
  7. Bengal Tiger

    WTT: Razorock Classic TTO razor for a milder TTO

    Do you like an aggressive razor? This one is a bit too aggressive for me. I bought it about a year ago and used it maybe 5 times, most recently was this morning and it's not for me. So I'm willing to trade this for a milder TTO, whether it is vintage or modern. I don't want a Wieshi, but I like...
  8. Bengal Tiger

    Best value set up if you were to start over again?

    Oh yeah, I know a lot of folks are here to find out about lots of great stuff to try. And that's awesome and lots of fun. But some folks really are trying to save money and want to avoid trying lots of things and want to get right to the best value. So B&B members, what would you say is the set...
  9. Bengal Tiger

    PIF Starter Kit for Newbies!

    Free stuff Yay! :w00t: I've got more than enough shaving stuff that girls I date have correctly stated that my bathroom has more products than hers. I've accumulated stuff over the years and it was fun to try out different products to see what I liked. So I would PIF some of the surplus...
  10. Bengal Tiger

    Newbie starter kit PIF!

    I have benefited greatly from the fine members of this community, having learned about good techniques and products and having an enjoyable activity that I look forward to rather than a chore that I avoid. And I've received generous PIFs which helped me try out some fine products. So after...
  11. Bengal Tiger

    Cold water shaving and blade reviews

    One of the conditions of winning this PIF: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/290530-Blade-Sampler-PIF was that I try cold water shaving and write about my experiences and review the blades. I've created this thread and will add posts here as I go along. Feel free to join in with...
  12. Bengal Tiger

    Mitchell’s Wool Fat Sample Idiot Proof Lather

    This is probably obvious to everyone except me. So, I was PIFed a generous sample of Mitchell’s Wool Fat and had some doubts as to what to do with it. The common advice seemed to be to grate it into a mug and go at it with a brush, either with Marco’s method or Mantic’s method in his video...
  13. Bengal Tiger

    Anyone use a buter/dip warmer as a scuttle?

    I've seen stuff like this and was curious if it would work out with the size and warmth and whatever else. Norpro butter warmer...
  14. Bengal Tiger

    Who are good vendors for sleek modern handles?

    I'm thinking about getting a good TGN super or silvertip knot and epoxying it into something shiny black and modern looking, with a metal ring around the knot. I kind of like how the VDH luxury brushes look...
  15. Bengal Tiger

    The end of civilization brought on by canned body wash foam?

    For when regular body wash lather is just not fast or foamy enough. Anyone try this?
  16. Bengal Tiger

    Recommend a good natural toothpaste?

    Didn't see any sections that looked more appropriate for this topic so I'm posting here. I normally use Colgate but am trying to get more natural products in general. I've found good all organic deodorant from Weleda and soap from Dr. Bronners that I like a lot. As for toothpaste, I tried a...
  17. Bengal Tiger

    First post and first PIF!

    Hi from beautiful Washington DC! It's cherry blossom season so bring your lady and visit. So, I found wet shaving and badger and blade from reading the Art of Manliness and have been lurking ever since. Supposedly there's a type of girl who likes to stand in the bathroom doorway to lovingly...