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  1. Razor Ramon

    Anyone Still Wearing Blue Stratos?

    I was born in the early eighties and I remember all of my older siblings getting aftershaves for Christmas. It was usually the Aqua Velva, Old Spice, English Leather and other usual players; however, the other day I stumbled upon a reference to Blue Stratos and when I saw the bottle it brought...
  2. Razor Ramon

    Which Denim Aftershave to Try?

    Hello fellow wet shavers, I am a bit of a vintage aftershave kind of guy. I like using products that are inexpensive and take me back to when I was a kid and in some cases before. I want to try Denim but not sure which scent to go for. My daily wear splashes are Brut and Aqua Velva Musk. My...
  3. Razor Ramon

    Where to offer PIF?

    Good day, I would like to offer up some aftershave, shave soap and a razor as a local PIF. Just not sure where to do this on the fourm? Suggestions?
  4. Razor Ramon

    Kent BK8 Shedding and No Longer Holding Lather

    Hello gents (and ladies), My lovely girlfriend bought me a Kent BK8 for our anniversary. What a nice brush, a little floppy but was a lather machine and was a great experience. One issue with it was it shed 10 hairs per shave for the first few, then less and less but it still loses 2-3 hairs...
  5. Razor Ramon

    Razorock Mamba

    Just ordered one of these bad boys. Jumped on it like a fat kid on a smartie then realized their were 1200 in total. Can't wait to shave with this thing. Anyone received theirs yet?
  6. Razor Ramon

    Donating Blades for Newbies

    I recall there being someone that was collecting blades to provide to newbies? I have some blades I'm not using and would love to donate. Does anyone recall who this person was?
  7. Razor Ramon

    Shaveworks the Cool Fix

    Done anyone here have any experience with this stuff? I recently shaved with a razor that I shelved forever ago because how much I hated it. For some reason I thought my technique had improved so I gave this old girl another go. I learned that my technique hasn't changed and this razor and I...
  8. Razor Ramon

    Looking for Merkur 12c - Barber Pole Open Comb

    I am looking for a Merkur 12c, searched high and low. Still nothing. If you've got one, let me know. Thank you gents
  9. Razor Ramon

    Is the Rocket 500 HD an awesome razor?

    I am looking at purchasing one of these. I've kind of fell off the vintage razor train for awhile but wanted to get back on. I currently have a slim, fatboy, Old Type, SC New, 47 Aristocrat, 52 Milord some Canadian techs and a few others. I can't say I'm a fan of the adjustable, never really...
  10. Razor Ramon

    Anyone try PAA Sun Down?

    Just wondering if any of you fine gentlemen (and ladies) have tried this shave soap from PAA. I am intrigued by it as I wasn't born until 12 years after it was already discontinued. I find the classic scents the best. I am torn between this and Sacre Bleu. I'd like to buy both, but I am...
  11. Razor Ramon

    New Razorock Soaps

    Looks like the boys at Razorock have come out with some new soaps. The descriptions look good, especially the blue floid inspired one. I have been using their soaps for awhile now and love the performance of their tallow soaps. My only complaint is the mild scent. Anyone try these yet?
  12. Razor Ramon

    WTB Muhle R41

    Looking for a Muhle R41 in whatever configuration. Located in Canada
  13. Razor Ramon

    Razorock Chubby Silvertip or Semogue SOC 2 band

    I am in the market for a new brush and wanted to get something in badger. I have my eyes on the Razorock chubby model (white plastic handle) or a Semogue SOC. I saw a SOC recently on amazon in Silvertip, but it seems to have disappeared (it was a great price) but see a lot of 2 bands out...
  14. Razor Ramon

    Looking for Merkur 12c and 39c

    As the title states, looking for a few more heavy, long handled Merkurs to play with.
  15. Razor Ramon

    Razorrock Dead Sea - Cannot Get Good Lather

    Good day folks, I am a self taught latherer and my technique is probably different than most but it works for me on all of my soaps with the exception of the Dead Sea. With all of my other soaps I start with a damp brush, work the soap in the container until my brush gets dry, they wet the...
  16. Razor Ramon

    R41 or Fatip??

    Happy Easter ladies and gents, I have progressed from mild safety bar razors to vintage Gillette open combs and I still have issues with some hairs on my neck that lay flat. I cannot go against the grain unless I want severe razor burn. Different tricks have left me with razor burn so my new...
  17. Razor Ramon

    WTB: Gillette New Made in Canada

    Looking for a Canadian made Gillette New. SC or LC. No Crack, user or collector grade. Thanks for looking
  18. Razor Ramon

    WTB: Gillette Super Adjustable 1981 Date Code (B)

    As the title states, I am looking for a Super Adjustable/Black Beauty built in 1981 and preferably in the first quarter. Thanks for looking
  19. Razor Ramon

    Nickel Plating Beneath Gold - 47 -50 Aristocrat?

    Just got an old aristocrat and the gold plating isnt as good as I thought it was going to be. In one spot the gold is wore off and a silver colour is showing below. We're these razors nickel plated before the gold went on?
  20. Razor Ramon

    Help with My Neck Area

    Hello all, So I have been wet shaving for the last 6 months or so and it has really improved my shaving experience. I have a beard but shave my neck and head. I have two problem areas, the first being the back portion of my neck which has caused me to go back to a cart for this area...