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  1. pejay66

    Help with lathering using a synthetic without the "flood"

    I use synths when traveling. The gentle squeeze works for me as synths do not hold water as well as the real deal...
  2. pejay66

    Denver Newbie.

    Welcome to B&B.
  3. pejay66

    To much work ?

    I think this old beauty deserves the work you are putting into her.
  4. pejay66

    Newb question

    Welcome to B&B. Very good advice in the above posts...
  5. pejay66

    Help needed - bathing vs. showering

    I've never read a post on how to keep clean? My mom scrubbed us in the tub when little and all questions about be clean ended after that. I still am wondering about this post :w00t:
  6. pejay66

    How do you know when a blade is ready for the bin?

    For me I find my Voshkods need changing after seven shaves
  7. pejay66

    I made it!

  8. pejay66

    New Wet Shaver from the UK

    Welcome to B&B
  9. pejay66

    Cold Shaving Stinks

    Don't see any reason to do it.
  10. pejay66

    Hello from Long Island

    Welcome to B&B
  11. pejay66

    Thinking about diving in

    I did it for a while but over time working on keeping the blade sharp just ended my interest...
  12. pejay66

    Hi !

    Welcome to B&B
  13. pejay66

    1 week in, and I'm already buying stuff.

    It can be like an expensive Christmas morning every day. Suggestion, get one razor, a good set of blades, a creme, a boar brush, and practice, practice, practice. Then, when all is good, spend your money.
  14. pejay66

    Last night. me. creamo. ohhh.

  15. pejay66

    RazoRock Mission

    This is a good razor I use at least once a week.
  16. pejay66

    My Bad

    Actually a woman with thinning hair is much more scary than a man losing his hair :001_cool:
  17. pejay66

    2-pass shaves

    I shave with two passes. Where I am somewhat different is that over time i learned how the beard grows on my face and neck. There are three different directions on my face, two on my chin, and six on my neck. This has become knowledge for shaving even when I use my Braun Electric on days when I...
  18. pejay66

    Load LESS Soap?Say it ain't so.

    I prefer a nice soap reduction followed with a Penfolds Shiraz:thumbup:
  19. pejay66

    Advice in advance of first-ever DE shave!

    Read all you can than think light pressure and angle. You will do well if you practice and practice. I would not advise spending money on all kinds of razors. Work with one, get good, then move onto something that floats your boat...