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  1. Luminose

    Interesting Travel Tech set.

    Definitely a ton of travel sets out there though most have the short ball end handles. I thought the most interesting thing about this set is whatever company put it together ordered that uncommon handle from Gillette. It looks like it's not a Frankenrazor if Sammy1 has the same combo. Sent...
  2. Luminose

    Interesting Travel Tech set.

    Hey all it's been a while since I've posted but I bought this interesting Gillette Travel Tech set and I wanted to see what everyone thought. It appears to be a 46-50 gold tech top with a Milady Decollete tech handle also in gold. It came with soap and brush containers that turn to extend...
  3. Luminose

    Saw an ERN, decided to buy it.

    I'm mainly a DE razor buyer but the antique stores are just cleaned out around here. I still stop in now and then but all I usually find is lower quality or really beat up straits. While I do love my Feather Artisan Club I decided to buy a real strait if I ever saw a decent one. Today I saw a...
  4. Luminose

    1 Piece OC vs. 2/3 Piece OC

    The question I have is can I compare the shave of a 1 piece OC to any of the 2 & 3 piece razors I have or is it different in its own way? I've always been a fan of the sturdy clean simplicity of the 2 & 3 piece razors and in particular the amazing shaves that come from the NEW Improved & NEW...
  5. Luminose

    Shave or shower first?

    I'm a woodworker so I shave and shower in the evenings. I always shower first then shave. The shower does a great job at prepping my face for shaving. I find the shave is a lot more rough if I didn't shower. Plus I don't think you get anymore clean by showing after since your lather is soap...
  6. Luminose

    Vintage razor blade alignment / straightness

    That is odd that a NEW would bit out of alinement like that when it has a slot & bar specifically to prevent that. Can you take a photo of the underside of the cap and the top of the base plate? I'm curious if that is the original cap or not.
  7. Luminose

    What's your smooooooothest razor?

    Yes it's English made vintage.
  8. Luminose

    What's your smooooooothest razor?

    I'd have to say my smoothest razor is the oddball of my collection. The Personna DE with the beveled cap design. The best way I can describe it is that it feels just a bit more aggressive than the Pre-War Canadian Tech and the caps angle seems to be have been designed to give the perfect cutting...
  9. Luminose

    Safety Razor of the Month, February 2015 - Gillette New Improved

    I can't believe I missed this thread, the New Improved is probably one of my favorite razors! I've always gotten a great shave from the Tuckaway I was given last year so this winter I decided to start looking for a few more New Improved razors. I have a few vintage Gillette advertisements for...
  10. Luminose

    Another estate sale razor

    That's a lucky win indeed! Congrats!
  11. Luminose

    Need to clean & polish some vintage razors - Is Scrubbing bubles safe?

    The non-bleach Scrubbing Bubbles is perfectly safe and a common cleaning took of many members here. It will easily clean and disinfect your razor. The Scrubbing Bubbles might be enough but if you have to polish them then I've had good luck with Flitz, it's pretty safe for all metals but if any...
  12. Luminose

    Raised Flat Bottom family reunion

    Shipping took like a month but the Tech Hybrid I snagged last month finally showed up today. The handle is a bit worn but the rest looks pretty good and considering it only cost me 17 British Pounds it makes a nice addition to my Techs.
  13. Luminose

    Newb from CT

    Welcome from yet another CT member!
  14. Luminose

    What video game are you playing?

    Steam needs to stop having sales! Hah I'm trying to get some time to play more of Dragon Age Inquisition but have to wait until my 16mo old goes to bed. And I just upgraded to two Asus Strix GTX 970's in sli just for DA & Far Cry 4.. But at 125 games my library seems to grow faster that I...
  15. Luminose

    Rite Aid Mustache Grooming Kit

    I did try this wax out for a couple days last month. I found that it had decent hold but not great. I decided to stop using it though because it never dried fully clear and gave my mustache a slightly off white tinted look. Since it didn't dry fully clear it left the hair looking like they had...
  16. Luminose

    Ebay for DSLR?

    You're correct B&H sold and I belive still sells some grey market items. The Grey market items are identical but just made in Japan for the Asian market place. Because this bypasses the camera company's minimum price restrictions for U.S. sales, Canon & Nikon will not warranty any Grey market...
  17. Luminose

    I'm half tempted to go see the 50 Shades of Grey movie.

    I love movies but I've put this movie on my list of movies I will never watch. Also on that list are Titanic and Brokeback Mountain. I learned my lesson after having watched Ghost & Dirty Dancing.
  18. Luminose

    Keurig, kcups, .etc

    I'm surprised no one here has had problems with their Keurigs? We had the pump die on 3 different Keurigs. One barely got hot. After the third one I decided to look into other options. I ended up buying the Bosch Tassimo. The build quality on the Bosch is way higher and from what I've read and...
  19. Luminose

    Ebay for DSLR?

    I've looked at camera accessories on eBay before but instead stayed with my gut feeling and bought them from B&H like I've always done. They are usually the same price as Amazon but since I'm in CT only one state away that means their free shipping gets to me the next day. Plus having no tax...
  20. Luminose

    Hats are Coming Back!

    Since the beginning of high school I've always worn ball caps that fit tight against my head, I've never been a fan of the tall caps. I'm never going to understand the current flat brim caps... my wife is a middle school teacher and one of her students told her what hat edict was for "cool" caps...