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    Gillette Old Cigarette Set

    I saw a cigarette set in a local antique store. Case is leather looking and has brass (?) straps to hold cigarettes. Case opens and closes properly and appears to be in decent shape for its age. There is a gold tone old that needs cleaning. No apparent cracks but I could not see too closely...
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    WTB Gillette Red Tip

    This is the one razor that would round out my collection of superspeeds and other razors of this era. Would trade if there is something that strikes interest. Case preferred but not required.
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    Regret Free RAD

    Killing time in semi-retirement, my wife and I went to a movie yesterday afternoon. Tickets were $10 each and she bought popcorn for $7. On a freezing new England day, we got two hours of entertainment. On the ride home, she was giving me the usual hard time about a recent razor purchase...
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    Autostrop Adventure

    For Christmas, my son gave me a Valet Autostrop Million Dollar Razor. It is in excellent shape and came in the box with an unopened box of blades. In the belief that the blades are likely high risk to use, I ordered Feather SE blades that I have read will fit. Today I used it for the first...
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    Barbury's Balm?

    I stopped at a Sally's Beauty supply to pick up Clubman and saw Barbury's Balm on the shelf. Short money at $6.99 so I gave it a try. I find the scent to be nice, although I would be hard pressed to describe it (leather and tobacco?). The feel throughout the day is refreshing and there is a...
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    Patent nos on pkg or package

    Hello , I have been cleaning some of the razors that I have not looked at for awhile and a "no date code" Super Speed that I picked up today. I have another "No date code" that I have had for a couple of years. One difference that I noticed is that one is stamped with "Pat nos on pkg" while...
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    TOBS Soap quandary

    I have purchased a TOBS Sandal wood puck in a nice wooden bowl. I used it a few times without issue but recently have been finding it difficult to lather with anything but my Maggard synthetic brush. Even when I use that, it only works if it basically dry. I have a Semogue boar brush and a...
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    Featherweight kicked this heavyweight's butt.

    I found a nice looking featherweight in the case and was excited to try it. I have a number of GEM and EverReady razors that I have enjoyed and executed excellent shaves with. Something about this one just escapes me. Cheeks and neck areas are acceptable and I think I need to improve on...
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    Gem Junior Plating

    I recently bought this Gem Jr on-line. It is in overall good shape and the first gold tone razor that I have dealt with. Is there a safe way to polish? I have a tube of Maas that I can try but I assume it requires a very gentle touch. There is some discoloration that I can live with rather...
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    Mis-Stamped EverReady

    I picked up an Ever-Ready today, having recently used a Gem 1912 the first time with excellent results. When I got it home and looked more closely, I saw that the placement of the brand name is off kilter on both sides. I am not sure at this point what model this is but I was interested in...
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    Gem 1912 questions

    My son came home for the Thanksgiving break and brought me a Gem 1912 that appears to be a travel set. On the base where the handle screws in it is marked pat'd 1912. On the inside of the head, where the blade goes, it says GEM Brooklyn, NY made in USA. It is in a very neat 3" square...
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    Bro-Brick Canadian Soap

    My daughter brought me back a tin of Bro-Brick shave soap from a trip to Canada. I have gotten some nice shaves using it but I am finding it a real challenge to lather. My closest to success was with a virtually dry Maggard Synthetic and a few drops of water. In in between passes, I have had...
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    Help in identfying a SE razor

    A friend just go this razor from his sister who thinks it might have been their father's. I am guessing that it I more likely from back in his grandfather's day. This picture is all I have seen and I know nothing about SE razors. That being said, I know where I can find expertise and...
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    Legacy Shave Items

    It is always nice to see the posts where someone has been able to use his/her parent's or grandparent's razor. I have my father's triple floating head Norelco electric razor that I still use periodically, if only for a sideburn trim. I can remember the Norelco ads that showed Santa Claus...
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    Parker 76R question

    The Parker 76R was the first DE razor that I bought. I like the weight and the look and it shaves well. I see it still sells on Amazon and other sites but it is not on the Parker site. Have they stopped making this one?
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    Tuckaway Confirmation-Correction?

    In what may be my last purchase prior to the 2017 Sabbatical, I bought a gold tone Tuckaway at an antique store in NH for $15. I do not have great vision and the serial number is very small-appears to be hand stamped. The serial number appears to be 818320B. If I have read the information on...
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    At what price point do you stop?

    My first interest in DE shaving was to save money. That might have been accomplished had I not become fascinated by different razors and other items that have led to an inventory that will only really be cost effective, strictly from a shaving perspective, if I live to be 127 and shave every...
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    Another newbie to the site.

    I have been lurking around for about six months and finally registered over the weekend. I am not sure how it came to pass, but I got started with DE shaving back in March and gradually my shave has become an anticipated and pleasant part of the day. I have become increasingly aware that...
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    Chesty's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Dave Gentes What are your nicknames/aliases? Chesty Where do you live? Boston, MA What is your age (or) generation? 65 What are you in the real world? HR/Recruiting Manager What is your favorite shave setup? Right now a 1954 Gillette Super...