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  1. orchestrion

    What Hair Products Did You Use Today?

    Rockin the Suavecito today. I use a blend of that and Groom & Clean on "off" days to make my normal grease (Schmiere Mittel) easier to wash out.
  2. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    New Belgium Ranger and Shift. Gotta love finals week.
  3. orchestrion

    Deodorant .which one and why

    I'll throw another vote in for a deodorant crystal. Propylene Glycol irritates my pits like one other and the stick works great. It doesn't help much with sweating but I more or less embrace the inevitability of the sweat, especially now that it' getting warmer.
  4. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Schlafly Yakima Wheat. Go Blues!
  5. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    A local brewery's hoppy wheat beer, seasonal and delicious. From a growler. Not a St. Louis beer but I'm wearing my Blues jersey so it all evens out. :001_tt2:
  6. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Thanks for the congratulations everyone! I had a couple Schlafly Summer Lagers tonight to try to give the Blues some luck...a lot of good that did! Excellent beer though.
  7. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Drinking a Goose Island BCBS to celebrate getting a bartending job at a local craft beer bar. Exciting day for this college kid. I'm also getting this evil Chicago beer out of my fridge before the Blues (hopefully) beat the Blackhawks tomorrow! Edit: My subconscious took over and I typed...
  8. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Anchor IPA. Awesome label artwork as usual with them. Solid IPA as well, I'm glad they're offering one now.
  9. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    A local place (about half a block from my house!) tapped a "Mayan Stout" a few hours ago. A stout with cocoa beans, cinnamon, vanilla, and cayenne pepper. It tasted like spicy hot chocolate...interesting and delicious!
  10. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout. An incredible beer from an incredible brewery. These guys don't get enough love.
  11. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Founders Imperial Stout. Getting myself back into stout gear after countless IPAs, lagers, and random homebrews I've been drinking over the last couple months. I've got a bottle of KBS burning a whole in my fridge too!
  12. orchestrion

    What are you brewing?

    Yesterday I bottled a test batch of beer that I'm hoping to scale up and keg for some friends' wedding this summer. Wheat beer that I left in the primary for one week, then pressed/squeezed the juice out of some watermelon and racked it into a secondary with the watermelon juice for a week. The...
  13. orchestrion

    Pre de Provence

    I agree! The PdP balm is one of the few balms that I used exclusively until it was gone. It left my face very soft and moisturized!
  14. orchestrion

    Best beer ever!

    A Dale's Pale Ale after hiking ~20 miles in panic mode to evacuate around 100 campers from some New Mexico mountains in a race with a forest fire.
  15. orchestrion

    New Belgium La Folie Sour Beer

    La Folie is really, really good. It's pricey, but it's an accessible sour beer. I was lucky enough to try some aging La Folie out of one of the foedors in the brewery on a tour. They put a lot of work into making that beer.
  16. orchestrion

    Founders KBS Beer

    Agreed. People get so worked up chasing whales when there are so many good (and local) beers on shelves that are easily available and much less expensive. Crazy, over the top beer hype is lame!
  17. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Last night I got into Sierra Nevada's 4-Way IPA variety pack. I wasn't a fan of Snow Whit, but Nooner and Blindfold were amazing. Torpedo is also included but we all know that's a classic.
  18. orchestrion

    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Tonight I'm enjoying a "bomber" of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I put bomber in quotes because unlike most other breweries, Sierra's bombers are 24 ounces. I dig that. I reuse Sierra Nevada bombers for small-batch homebrews so adding more to the collection is always a good thing.
  19. orchestrion

    Heads up: Spiegelau glassware on clearance at JC Penney/JC Penney Home Store!

    This past weekend I was at the JC Penney Home Store and found tons of glassware on clearance. My specific store had nearly every style of Spiegelau beer glassware (including those crazy IPA glasses) as well as Libbey beer glass sets on clearance for 50-70% percent off. Spiegelau wine glasses...
  20. orchestrion

    Moustache Wax Recommendations

    I use Firehouse Dark, but I never actually "style" it into a handlebar or anything. I just put a little bit in and comb it so it's not unruly. So far it has fit the bill quite well.