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  1. TreadwayJohnA

    35MM Snow Day

    Last week there was a decent snowfall across the south which only means one thing... SNOW DAY!!!! Here are my shots, Canon AE-1 Program (28MM Prime) w/ 35mm Ilford HP5 Plus 400 ISO B&W. So, without further ado, here's the story of our fun day: "Oh girls, guess what!?" "What Dad?" "I have a...
  2. TreadwayJohnA

    Best Film Processing Services

    I'm not sure that I will get into home developing and scanning any time soon so I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a good online film processing service. I have no local film labs to speak of, that I have been able to find in my research. I hear that "The Darkroom" is good and has...
  3. TreadwayJohnA

    Shooting film on the cheap?

    Hello all, I recently posted a thread about getting into DSLR on a low budget. I received great feedback, but I'm going to take it slow and save up as I am a family man and have other priorities that must come ahead of my hobbies. I do have my fathers Canon AL-1 that I have been shooting with...
  4. TreadwayJohnA

    Want to get into DSLR, is there an actual budget option?

    -There was no photography class when I was in school, so I cut my teeth in photography by means of my father and his Canon Al-1. He bought it in Germany when he was in the service and I always drooled over how cool it looked and the pictures he had taken of the German countryside with it. I have...
  5. TreadwayJohnA

    Best, Boldest, most Behaved, Blackest Black Ink?

    I have never gravitated towards black inks, though I do have a Lamy black from years ago that never gets inked-up. Recently, I've been into Diamine Registrars which has stained, dried, and even corroded a few of my pens over the course of two weeks. This has put the fear of God in me, regarding...
  6. TreadwayJohnA

    The Old Man and the Sea

    All I can say is, wow. Not a flamboyantly eloquent writing style in this book, just raw and to the point in description and tempo. But, jeez, what a writer Hemingway is! If it were just a story of a fisherman winning and losing, it would be good enough. But it's more, it's a story of life...
  7. TreadwayJohnA

    The Great Gatsby- NO SPOILERS

    Hello all, My wife is a heavy reader and though I read quite heavily when I was in the service. No classics, just war/crime/fictional thrillers. I am about to embark on the literary classic, “The Great Gatsby”. Did everyone find this to be an exception example of classic literature-...
  8. TreadwayJohnA

    Anyone else get callused from writing...?

    I write more than most (I am guessing). On an average day, I fill about 25 pages front and back in an A-5 journal and about the same number of pages worth of 8.5x11 (paperwork, etc.). From time to time I notice the skin thickening and raising up quite a bit on the inside of my middle finger, no...
  9. TreadwayJohnA

    The Traveling Journal

    Hello all, I am going to start a traveling journal very shortly. This journal will be a way of us NIB enthusiasts to share our penmanship as well as a bit of our personalities. This is how I intend for it to work (open to suggestions): You will make an entry in the journal...
  10. TreadwayJohnA

    B&B Pen Pals

    Greetings, I’m sure there are a few here who may still keep a pen pal, though it’s nearly an extinct practice these days. I know B&B had a letter exchange at one time, and maybe another form of pen-pal-ing that preceded the letter exchange. I have never had a pen pal or anything the...
  11. TreadwayJohnA

    Is there any I Coloniali Mango left???

    I understand I Coloniali halted production on their mango oil soap some time ago, if I’m not mistaken. But is there none of this stuff left in the world. I’ve been looking for it for years it seems, and I can never find any. Is it just all gone, for good?
  12. TreadwayJohnA

    Pilot Custom 823, is it all that?

    Hello all, So the Pilot Custom 823 (along with the Sailor 1911L & KOP) has long been a holy grail pen on my wish list. I have recently decided that I am going to let go of my coveted Parker 51 Aero and Namiki Falcon - as I desperately want to upgrade to the 823. As well as, neither...
  13. TreadwayJohnA

    Wade Butcher and Imperial Resto

    Just picked up a few little treasures from "the bay," at a steal for $15!!! I will start breaking them down this evening, but just wanted to post a few preliminary pics to give an idea of what I'm working with. The imperial is more/less good to go. Very tight pins and the blade is already in...
  14. TreadwayJohnA

    FT Pilot Namiki Falcon 14k SF

    As you will see below, I have a Pilot Namiki Falcon w/ 14k SF (soft fine) nib that I am looking to trade for another fine writing fountain pen with a larger capacity piston or vac fill system (of equal-ish value). The Falcon is a dream to write with (delightfully smooth with a lovely...
  15. TreadwayJohnA

    Pilot Custom 823

    So, the Pilot Custom 823... After lurking around a few online pen stores and watching a dozen or so reviews I am serious contemplating putting this on my, "But honey, if I don't buy that I'm going to die!" list. Does anyone own or have any experience with one? What are your thoughts, how...
  16. TreadwayJohnA

    Aftershave that resembles Mitchell's Wool Fat?

    Hello all, I thank you in advance for your help and suggestions, oh and a Happy Father's Day! To start off, I love Mitchell's Wool Fat! It is my reliable, consistent, go-to soap that absolutely never fails to give me great shaves with an amazing post-shave face feel. I have many great...
  17. TreadwayJohnA

    Post-Coticule stone/treatment?

    I love the edge I get on my coticule, nice an smooth. All my edges recently have been perfectly shave ready off the stone, however I'm finding that I may be a keen-freak. I want to push the edge just a little further than what I can currently pull-off. I've used chrome-ox but find that it...
  18. TreadwayJohnA

    My Dubl Duck, a.k.a. "The Spruce Goose"

    Here is a Dubl Duck SatinEdge that I picked up at an antique store for $20 nearly a year ago. It had been rescaled long ago with crème colored plastic scales that were stained, warped, and just plain ugly as sin. When I bought it I simply brought it home, wiped it down, and honed it. For a...
  19. TreadwayJohnA

    A good back-up ballpoint?

    I know I am going to be harped on for mentioning ball-points, but there are times when it is really more hastle than is worth to use a fountain pen. Now, I love my Namiki Falcon just as much as the next guy, however due to the vast amount of writing I have to do associated with work and college...
  20. TreadwayJohnA

    Best Lined Notebooks

    Good morning everyone, I have been using the A5 Leuchtturm1917 for quite some time now, with no real complaints. I use one as a bullet planner and the other as a journal. I'm looking for something larger, though, because I find my hand, as well as my writing, getting cramped navigating...