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  1. Dawsub

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Got it and some talc off E-bay for £10 , been looking for some for ages .Love the smell ,its identical to Clubman Musk
  2. Dawsub

    ERASMIC soap/stick

    The Erasmic shave bowl suds up a treat ,smells great too .
  3. Dawsub

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Hai Karate
  4. Dawsub

    Vintage and unusual aftershaves: Post your photos

    I scored some Hai Karate off E-bay for £10 . loving the smell ,kinda reminds me of Clubman Musk .
  5. Dawsub

    20 Euro Hoilday shave haul

    I am really impressed by the Intesa Balm , I normally use proraso balm .The Intesa gets the thumbs up from me :thumbup:
  6. Dawsub

    20 Euro Hoilday shave haul

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Tuscany ,with my annual shave haul .This year I spent a measly 20 Euro's to keep me going for another year :001_tt2: Soap : 3 Euros Pre shave : 7 Euros Balm : 9 Euros Cut healer : 79 cents
  7. Dawsub

    I've tried to enjoy Special Reserve

    I love the stuff , so does my Mrs :thumbup: I love the Clubman Musk too .
  8. Dawsub


    I picked one up last week for £2.99 .I was not convinced at first after a few of the bristles came away after 2 shaves . I seems to have settled down now and ceased shedding ,a good pre shave soak in my mug did the trick . I bought a bowl of Erasmic soap too for £1.99 at the same time , I must...
  9. Dawsub

    Tried the Veg at Merz's

    I managed to source some Veg online after reading about it on B&B .It definately didn't choose me :scared: .My Mrs said it stank of urine and my daughter said it reminded her of a badly maintained public toilet :lol: . The scent is for sure NOT me :surrender: .I have other clubman aftershaves...
  10. Dawsub

    My bumper Xmas haul

    Since my return to DE shaving I have been meticulous in the products i have been aquiring over the last 12 months . SWMBO was obviously noticing my new grooming regime ,and as a result Christmas morning was a joy of Manliness bounty :w00t: The Inventory i recieved as follows , Old Spice gift set...
  11. Dawsub

    Shaving in a hurry routine , what's yours ??

    Some interesting posts ,and some good tips too :001_smile . We have all been there :ohmy:
  12. Dawsub

    Shaving in a hurry routine , what's yours ??

    Nice one Kingfisher:thumbup1: Brushless cream is a winner when you are pushed for time .
  13. Dawsub

    Shaving in a hurry routine , what's yours ??

    What's yours ? Sometimes I dont get the luxury of a good 30 minutes to relax and get my smooth on . From running late to get to somewhere ,or a quick emergency shave to look nice and smooth .We all have these scenarios down the line .Recently I have had a few, and come up with a quick and easy...
  14. Dawsub

    Not bad for a freebie

    A few months back I Ebayed myself 200 Derby blades , with the blades came a free tube of Derby lavender Cream . I used it for the 1st time this morning and was pretty impressed with the suds i whipped up with it in my bowl :001_smile . Just to add the Lavender scent was pretty weak , but the...
  15. Dawsub

    What is your 'signature' scent?

    The last 6 months it has been Pino Silvestre , I just love the freshness of the scent .
  16. Dawsub

    what is a good solid 1st DE razor for a beginer?

    +1 on the Lord L6 :wink2: Cheap and cheerful with great results :001_smile
  17. Dawsub

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Omega 10049 + Tabac
  18. Dawsub

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Lord L6 + Derby extra , cheap and smooth :ladysman:
  19. Dawsub

    Got a puck of tabac in, great lather, dont think I can handle the scent

    I am in the Love :001_tt1: corner for Tabac , the lather & the smell :001_tt2: . I was sceptical after reading a few threads about it , taking note of the comments regarding smell and latheryness .After a few shaves with it ,I found it to be as manly as it gets :w00t: