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  1. Lux_Aeternitas

    First SE shave

    Hey all, So yesterday my boyfriend gave me a GEM 1912 safety razor along with a SE blade to try it out. Needless to say, the shave was very nice. However, I kept on having to adjust the blade because it kept sliding back as I was shaving my legs. Has anyone else had this sort of problem with...
  2. Lux_Aeternitas

    D.R Harris tallow soap

    A couple days ago I shaved my legs with D R Harris Lavender tallow soap that my boyfriend lent me. I must say I got an amazing shave with it, and it felt moisturizing on my legs (perhaps not as much as MWF) but very nice overall. Also, I noticed the scent of the lavender is very subtle and not...
  3. Lux_Aeternitas

    Klar women's shaving soap

    Anyone know about it? I saw it was selling on a couple websites including Amazon for 34.95..
  4. Lux_Aeternitas

    Vivi Tea

    Anyone in the NY area ever go here? It's in Chinatown and I hear they have really cheap tea and bubble tea there as well as snacks and such.
  5. Lux_Aeternitas

    I am so happy right now

    My Mama Bear's soap order just came in the mail and I got Celestial Waters, I already have Peach/Vanilla and I love it, it's my favorite but I wanted to try this one out and I cannot believe how amazing this smells. Now Im going to actually go try it out. :jump:
  6. Lux_Aeternitas

    Arko shave stick

    Hey all, I would just like to know if you can describe the scent of Arko shave stick. My boyfriend is getting one and im excited to try my first tallow shave stick? Any opinions? Please post..thanks! :001_smile
  7. Lux_Aeternitas

    Bubble tea

    Hey everyone, I know not too many people know about bubble tea but if you do feel free to join and discuss the awesomeness that is bubble tea!
  8. Lux_Aeternitas

    Shea Moisture Brush

    This is my first badger as given to me by my boyfriend and I think it's very comfortable to manuver and it makes a great lather too! :thumbup:
  9. Lux_Aeternitas

    The Shave Den soap

    Now who here loves The Shave Den soap? I had gotten the polynesian red ice as a present and I think it is great and makes a great lather and I am definitely considering on buying more once I finish :001_smile
  10. Lux_Aeternitas

    Hello! Newbie here

    Hello everyone in this wonderful shave community :001_smile Like most women, I used to be a cartridge shaver. However, that all changed when my lovely boyfriend, Cory (c0ry on this forum), introduced me to the wonder that is wetshaving. I was completely sold on the fact I didn't have to keep...