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  1. tarrant

    Clubman 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner [Review]

    I picked up this from my local Sallys a few weeks ago. I had gone for the oil but ended up with the conditioner. Since I have a few Oils, this conditioner was something new, and at 7 bucks was worth a gamble. Scent: Nope, nothing to see here. There is no delicious 'Clubman', only a very...
  2. tarrant

    Coffee Grinder Suggestions [French Press/Cold Brew]

    Ive been lurking here a few days having strayed from my normal DE Shaving path... Im looking for a grinder that does very coarse grind [mostly coldbrew, some french], by my initial research it seems like blades are evil and what I need is a burr grinder? I dont have a couple hundred to drop on...
  3. tarrant

    Tobacco Vanille Shave Soap?

    I've been searching for a soap and AS that matches Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille or like A*Men Havane and I cant really find anything, it would be an awesome fall/winter scent. Anyone have any ideas, preferably not super pricey. Man like, I'd love a B&M take on that scent.
  4. tarrant

    Almond AS OR ASB Recommendation?

    As a companion to my Almond thread on the Shave Soap sub. Are there any good Almond AS or ASB out there. I know p160 has a companion ASB but that's about it.
  5. tarrant

    Straight Razor Identify?

    So first off I apologize if this is in wrong section, I dont venture into these Straight Razor parts, I stick to what I know in DE land. Question, my aunt saw the below straights at a estate sale and sent me a pic if I wanted them. It looks like a craftsmen? and I cant tell the other. I didnt...
  6. tarrant

    Almond Soap Reccomendation

    I'm looking for a quality Almond smelling soap. I can stand a little sweet but not cloyingly sweet. Would like to keep under 15$ if possible. Bonus if it has a matching AS/ASB.
  7. tarrant

    Masculine Etsy Soap Shops

    Anyone have recommendation? BayRum, Tobacco, Dark, Smoky, things like that. Preferably with goats milk or other moisturizers and my skin can get dry. There are so many vendors I don't know where to start.
  8. tarrant

    Shave Cream as Beard Conditioner?

    Would this work? Would it clog pores? So local C&E outlet has orig Sandal wood shave cream in jars for 7$ (soooo cheap). Like if I lathered it up in the beard left it in a for a few min, then wash it off in shower, if it would create a luxurious soft sandalwood smelling beard with no I'll...
  9. tarrant

    Encre Noir Sport love

    So it's only 8:30 am, I have already had 3 young cute ladies at my office ask me what I'm wearing, 2 of them are married. (Im 34, not married)
  10. tarrant

    Forest/Winter Scent

    I'm looking for a nice, not too expensive winter scent with a forest/mountain vibe. Not smack-your-face pine but still woodsy and warm with decent silage and longevity. Hopefully under 50$ Any suggestions?