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  1. Kilroy6644

    Cigar Storage Questions

    Not long ago, I bought the movie "Darkest Hour," about Winston Churchill, and since it would be a crime to watch a movie about Winston Churchill without smoking a big cigar, I decided to order some Churchill cigars (RyJ 1875). I'm a pipe guy, so the only humidor I had to that point was a small...
  2. Kilroy6644

    Master Blending Thread

    I've been interested in blending my own pipe tobacco for a while, but I was a bit daunted when I looked at all the blending tobaccos available, and I didn't know where to start. When C&D came out with their Small Batch blending kit, that gave me my starting point. I've been playing with it all...
  3. Kilroy6644

    Percolator Questions

    Hey, all. I'm new to this section of B&B. I'm usually over at the Brown Leaf. Anyway, I'm not a coffee connoisseur. I don't get into roasting or grinding, and I don't worry about how to get the best brew. I'm perfectly satisfied with my Mr. Coffee and Folgers. But I also like new toys, so over...
  4. Kilroy6644

    Vintage Reel Experts?

    Anybody out there know anything about vintage casting reels? Specifically, I have a Shakespeare Triumph 1958 Model FK that I can't cast. It's not that I don't know how; it just won't go. When I try to cast, it just plops down five feet in front of me. This reel is from the '50s, so it's direct...
  5. Kilroy6644

    In Memoriam

    I just received word today that my friend's dad died. He's been fighting cancer for a few years, and today the end finally came. I wasn't particularly close with him, but I knew him well enough to be comfortable around him, and I'll miss him. Even worse for me is knowing the pain my friends are...
  6. Kilroy6644

    Lighter Clinic

    I went downstate to visit my friends for Christmas, and between having a credit card and being in an actual city with stores, I went a little crazy (good thing the card has a $1,000 limit). I made sure to hit the antique shops, and between two of them, I picked up these three lighters. Left...
  7. Kilroy6644

    Speaking of churchwardens.

    After P&C made me spend $97 a few days ago, I thought some of us who like churchwardens might like something cheaper. Missouri Meerschaum was happy to oblige: http://coolsmokingpipes.com/introducing-the-new-cobbit-collection/ Only one is a full size churchwarden, but they're all fine looking...
  8. Kilroy6644

    Encouragement wanted.

    Hey, all. I've been growing my winter beard since October, and I'd decided to shave it (or most of it) off after St. Patrick's Day. Well, there's going to be a benefit this weekend for a local who has cancer (I say local, because I've been here less than a year), and I've agreed to shave it off...
  9. Kilroy6644

    New toys & a few questions

    Got a package in the mail today. It was a lot of three Ever Readys (Readies?; Readii?) that I bought on eBay. I'd been looking for a lather catcher, and I kept getting outbid, so I finally bought a lot that had one. More than I really wanted to pay, but divided among three razors it's not bad. I...
  10. Kilroy6644

    Birthday PIF

    I finally found my birth quarter razor (finally!) and I'm in a really good mood, so I thought I'd PIF somebody. Up for grabs is an L-1 (1966) Slim. This is the same razor I unsuccessfully tried to trade for a birth quarter razor. It's the nicer of my two Slims, but I've already become attached...
  11. Kilroy6644

    Finally! My birth year razor!

    After three separate attempts to trade a Slim for an '82 C-3 Super Adjustable or Super Speed, and much fruitless searching on eBay, I finally found my Black Beauty. And beauty she is: I decided to give the B/S/T one more chance, and I found an old FS thread from December that had one, and...
  12. Kilroy6644

    New Sextoblade owner

    I started traditional wetshaving on Christmas Day with a vintage Gillette my sister got me, and since then I've gotten sicker :lol:. Inevitably I had to come to straights. I picked up this Weck Sextoblade in an antique shop today. I've spent the last few days reading about the differences...
  13. Kilroy6644

    On the 12th day of Christmas.

    ...my friend gave to me: The one on the left is missing the handle, but has an extra blade, and the hone and strop seem to be in good shape. The one on the right has the handle, but no extra blade, and the hone is cracked and the strop is pretty rough. I never really had much interest in Rolls...
  14. Kilroy6644

    Tech question

    I got a NEW for Christmas, and the prospect of getting started DE shaving got me so excited that the next day I went to an antique shop and bought a bunch more (including a couple of SE Gems). They were all $4.50 a piece. One of the new ones is a '53 Tech. In all of my reading around here, I've...
  15. Kilroy6644

    Kilroy6644's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Ryan What are your nicknames/aliases? Kilroy6644 Where do you live? Saginaw, MI What is your age (or) generation? 30 What are you in the real world? Mall maintenance man What is your favorite shave setup? Right now, Gillette Mach 3 and...
  16. Kilroy6644

    New kid from MI

    Hi, everybody. New kid here from Saginaw, MI. I'm actually a bit surprised to be here, because shaving has never been something I've been "into." It's just something I do. But lately I've been getting interested in DE shaving (and SE since Wednesday), and when I look for more information, all...