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  1. EricSki

    Vintage Williams

    I finally used this very old Williams puck. If anyone knows about what year it's from I'd love to know.
  2. EricSki

    Gillette New Info

    My father in law picked this up today. Was wondering if anyone has any info as far as date etc.
  3. EricSki

    Lapping 8k 10k

    I just got my first whetstones and lapped the 8k and 10k stones. These are the only stones I'd figure I needed since the razor is shaving but tuggy. The problem is that my 8k and 10k stones feel more rough than even the 400 or the 1k stone. Am I missing something here? Wrong lapping technique...
  4. EricSki

    Harbor Freight Green Polishing Compound?

    Is the Green Polishing Compound sold at Harbor Freight the same as chromium oxide? Can I apply this to a strop and use it the same as chromium oxide? Here is the link to what Im reffering to: https://www.harborfreight.com/1-4-quarter-lb-green-polish-compound-96778.html In what order should I...
  5. EricSki

    Hone and Strop Recomendation

    I have an expensive straight razor that I got as a gift and messed up a little becasue I dont know what Im doing. I wanted to buy an inexpensive razor like the Gold Dollar or something similar. My question is what stone(s) and strop should I get to go with it to make it useable? Is there...
  6. EricSki

    Barber Supply Store Albany NY

    Does anyone know if there are any barber supply stores anywhere around Albany NY? I’d like to try more barbershop aftershaves but want to avoid shipping that’s more than the product or buying 10 years worth to offset shipping. Thanks in advance
  7. EricSki

    Walgreens 20% off

    Walgreens has 20% off all normally priced stock. They also provide free shipping to the store. This is a good time to buy Williams, VDH soap, Florida Water, SE blades, and probably other things. Coupon code: FALL20
  8. EricSki

    Vintage Williams Info help

    i just bought this puck of Vintage Williams online. I was wondering if anyone had more info on it. Mainly just looking for a ballpark of the year it was made and sold. Thanks
  9. EricSki

    Injector Blades

    Anyone know where to get a good price on injector blades?
  10. EricSki

    Razor ID

    My Father in Law just got this razor. I think it’s a Gillette Goodwill. Am I right? Or is it a Gillette New?
  11. EricSki


    any predictions for Andy Ruiz vs Joshua 2? Also, out of the big men owning titles and in the run for them who comes out on top? Ruiz, Wilder, Fury, or Ruiz?
  12. EricSki


    I’ve read that some people add glycerine to their aftershaves and sometimes shave soap. Where can I get glycerine locally and what’s the best deal? I’d imagine they sell it at Walmart etc, but where in the store would it be?
  13. EricSki

    Florida Water

    Is Florida Water an aftershave? Is it worth trying? Any input on scent?
  14. EricSki

    Tabac $15

    Amazon has Tabac for $15 shipped. Of course one day after I ordered it for $17.
  15. EricSki

    Arko Mug

    My wife had this mug made for me at Walgreens for an anniversary gift. It’s from a box of Arko we received several weeks ago that showed up destroyed. We took the best pic we could of the box and I think it turned out great. (Best part, because I love a deal I think it was only $5)
  16. EricSki

    Arko Decorations

    Just made some decorations at Walgreens by taking pics of an Arko box and the sticks. Printed them in 8x10 and got frames from the dollar tree. I think they came out awesome. (Excuse the old towel)
  17. EricSki

    Test tube rack

    I was thinking of ordering a test tube rack to put my safety razors in. On ali express there are options in size, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml. Has anyone ever done this? If so what size works? I know 50 ml is too large. I’d like to go 10ml for hopefully a nice fit and cheaper price but thought I should...
  18. EricSki

    What is meant by knot?

    Ive read many forums that refer to a brushes knot. Not to leave the brush in soap because it’ll hurt the knot etc. What is the knot? Also other terms like backbone and anything else. What does it all mean? I do understand the different hair types boar, badger, synthetic. I haven’t heard a lot...
  19. EricSki

    Bought this Gem

    i bought this Gem Jr and when I first got it it looked pristine. I soaked it for 10 min or so in 70% alcohol to sanitize it. Once I started using it it started getting really bad blemishes from just the water. Any advice? Did I ruin the razor with the alcohol? I’m really hoping not because...
  20. EricSki


    My friend is going to try DE shaving and wants a high quality soap. He said he likes orange/citrusy smells. Any recommendations? Preferably something on West Coast Shaving so he can get the free shipping over $35 for Father’s Day. Thank you.