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  1. Psychofish

    bow season is upon us!

    i droped a 2x3 elk last month! We had a three man team (two hunters and a one helper) and what we'd do is set up about fifty yards apart and call back and forth a while, wait, then move about a hundred yards, setup and repeat! I set up ahead of them, and we began our sequence of cow calls...
  2. Psychofish

    Member made Bayrum?

    thanks! I just ran out of my Pinaud bayrum this week and that distant post made me go "hmm, i wonder what ever happened with that?" placing order now!
  3. Psychofish

    Member made Bayrum?

    Who was the member who was making their own bayrum to sell? I seem to remember it had a pirate type story of no longer being a pirate and just making Bayrum that went along with it?:confused1 Anyone remember? Is he still making it, or did the alcohol police nip it in the bud?
  4. Psychofish

    Portland General Store Soaps?

    i'm an idiot, i'll go stand in the corner now. Thanks Gents!
  5. Psychofish

    Portland General Store Soaps?

    Has anyone used these soaps? The one I am really curious about is the whiskey scented soap. It says that base smell is ceder which I think would be a great fall or winter scent, mixed with some nice bayrum for a true festive shave.:001_tt1: Any yays or nays about the soaps?
  6. Psychofish

    Waterman Phileas

    I loaded this to the FB page so some may have already seen it. Anyways, my sister stopped at a garage sale on Saturday morning on a whim before coming over. She has snagged me a couple shaving items in the past, but she picked this up knowing I like fountain pens. Up to this point all I have are...
  7. Psychofish

    Invicta Watch Question ànd New Watch

    If you have a facebook page, "like" the Invicta page and ask for some help. They might be able to help you out. I love my Invictas personally, all four of them work flawlessly for me and I am pretty rough with my watches. They may not be the highest quality out there, but the styles catch my...
  8. Psychofish

    What's your take on ridiculously large watches?

    Wrist clocks! Personally I like the 50mm size range. I didn't at first, but after a friends urging to try it for a week and then send it back I fell in love with it, and kept it. I do agree that the size across isn't as big of a deal as the height! Right now I'm wearing my new favorite thats...
  9. Psychofish

    Respirator fit test at work. This stinks.

    We get to sing a song with our SCBA fit tests. I hate those dang sponge bob hoods we have to wear during it.
  10. Psychofish

    Anyone Listen To Police Scanners?

    And now you have a lot of agencies switching to "narrow band" frequencies. I still don't understand it fully enough to even try to type here, but I know any HAMs out there will have no problem explaining how we can get more traffic in a smaller area.
  11. Psychofish

    There is no zen

    I grew up using the blue Bic razors (no strip) and got okay shaves. My dad used them for as long as I can remember and still does. Now you have me wondering if I grabbed a can of goop and one of those what todays shave would be like. Of course the looks I got from the metal gillettes will...
  12. Psychofish

    Anyone who worked "inside the walls?"

    Thanks for posting that! I read through it and was laughing out loud as its spot on! Nope! Just lazy ole line staff! One day I wouldn't mind being on our Special Response Team, but I just blew my knee out last September, and I'm only about 70% and stuck in control a lot. As for our intel, they...
  13. Psychofish

    Anyone Listen To Police Scanners?

    If you go http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/ you can pull up a lot of scanners from across the globe. I know from our agency there are so many "secret" channels that you could keep people guessing what chanel you are actually talking on. Some of the larger city agency (Phoenix, Arizona...
  14. Psychofish

    Anyone who worked "inside the walls?"

    I wouldn't mind actually being a prisoner there at all!
  15. Psychofish

    Anyone who worked "inside the walls?"

    There are some real nuts! We had one guy who was just plain freaking out! No one knew what was wrong with him, talking in touges, and he had amazing strength for a guy his size. The medical staff put him on a gurney to be taken to the hospital and put the soft tie downs on him for transport in...
  16. Psychofish


    Guess they watched Rambo too many times.
  17. Psychofish

    Early Morning Shaver

    I'm another one (sort of!) I wake up around 1630, rush the first two "S's" and save the third one for a good fifteen minute relaxation moment with my phone playing whatever music happens to be next in the playlist. Grab a uniform and out of the house by a little after 1700. Work starts at 1815...
  18. Psychofish

    Todays Cold Water Shave = FAIL

    I've been enjoying cold showers for this past month (usually go as hot as I can stand and come out looking like a lobster!) and reading how a few of you had either been cold shaving for years or recently had begun I thought I'd try it as well. I took a nice shower, and began my shave as usual...
  19. Psychofish

    Anyone who worked "inside the walls?"

    There are some pretty crazy ones that's for sure! Sadly our society has become so PC that there is no longer any "crazy houses" or asylums and a lot of the ones who would have been in there in years past are now on the streets and due to their illness' become a problem and end up in the jails...
  20. Psychofish

    Win a Free Tube of Proraso Sandalwood!

    +1 Thanks!