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  1. Pete

    Keychain Knife?

    Similar to the EDC thread, I'm looking for recommendations for a decent quality knife that could be used as a keychain. It doesn't have to be tiny or anything, but I'd like to keep the closed length less than 4" with a non-serrated blade 3" or less. Also, it need not be a dedicated "keychain...
  2. Pete

    How much for an everyday watch?

    What is the most you'll consider spending on an everyday watch? Not a special occasion watch, but a watch that you intend to wear to the office almost daily - and while you certainly don't aim to scratch it, you know it's only a matter of time. What's your cut off price?
  3. Pete

    Orient Website question...

    This afternoon, I purchased a watch directly from Orient's website (www.orientwatchusa.com). I ended up getting: What I found strange is, this watch seems to be listed twice on their website - one page is under the Quartz > Modern section of their site, while another is under the...
  4. Pete

    Source for Estate Pipes?

    Would anyone be able to point me towards a reputable vendor or source who sells restored estate pipes?
  5. Pete

    Pipe tobacco recommendations for a cigar smoker?

    I've not smoked a pipe since the mid-90's, but I've been a cigar smoker for nearly three years now. With the cold weather on it's way, I decided to revisit pipes, as it's much easier to enjoy a 20-minute bowl of tobacco than an hour-long cigar standing out in the cold. Yesterday, I stopped by...
  6. Pete

    Another "Tea Thread"...

  7. Pete

    DIY Vodka Infusing?

    I was thinking about trying my hand with some vodka (possibly gin?) infusing, and was hoping to hear from a few who might have experience in this area. Any advice? -Pete
  8. Pete

    Burma Shave Brush on Clearance at Wal-Mart...

    I assume Wal-Mart is no longer stocking the Burma Shave Brush, or at least that seems to be the case at my local store. I found them on the clearance rack for $2.50. I don't think you'll find a better brush at that price. -Pete
  9. Pete

    T&H Trafalgar - Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer?

    The title says it all. Judging by the sample I received, I would've assumed T&H Trafalgar to be a warmer weather fragrance. However, after browsing some of the older threads, it seems opinions are mixed. Anyone care to go on record? :biggrin: -Pete
  10. Pete

    Guess who turned 10 years old this week...

    ...THIS "DUDE"! Sorry... first pic was too large.
  11. Pete

    Palmolive Red on eBay... WOW!!!

    ONE 4.4 ounce tube of Palmolive Red (the same stuff we were buying at CVS).... BUY IT NOW Price - $17.95 + $5.95 S&H!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol1: :laugh: :lol1: :laugh: :lol1: :laugh: :lol1: :laugh: :lol1: :laugh: :lol1: :laugh: :lol1: :laugh: :lol1: :laugh: :lol1: :laugh: :lol1: :laugh: :lol1...
  12. Pete

    Another "Tea Thread"...

    After a growing distaste for the "same old, same old" in coffee, I decided to give loose teas a try. My experience with tea is limited to the bagged varieties offered at local grocery store, the tea offerings at my local Asian restaurant, and a few pots of "proper tea" while visiting the UK...
  13. Pete

    Abercrombie & Fitch "Woods"

    You ALWAYS see this discontinued cologne on eBay, selling for exorbitant prices. My question is, at what stores are so many sellers seemingly purchasing this cologne!?! I'd absolutely LOVE to get my hands on a 1.7 oz. or 3.4 oz. bottle for personal use, but I really don't want to play the eBay...
  14. Pete

    Is that a "Festivus Pole"?

    Just noticed the Badger & Blade holiday theme has been changed, slightly. It took me a minute of thinking, "What the heck is that, and what does it have to do with the holidays?" That said, 'fess up... is it a "Festivus Pole"? -Pete
  15. Pete

    Master Witch Hazel?

    I've recently placed an order at Appleton Barber Supply, and decided to include a bottle of "Master Witch Hazel". It's said to be 100% pure, contentrated, double distilled witch hazel. So, in lamens terms... what's the difference between this stuff, and other witch hazels, such as...
  16. Pete

    Master's Iceland Breeze and Ocean Blue Aftershave

    I've read several comments here regarding Master's Bay Rum Aftershave, but I've recently come across a few other Master's brand aftershave varieties that sound interesting. Has anyone had any experience with Master's Iceland Breeze or Master's Ocean Blue? According to the descriptions...
  17. Pete

    Impulse Buy: GEM Micromatic (I think)...

    So, I was browsing through eBay, "just looking" at various razors, and ended up winning this: This will be my first GEM. As you can see, it comes with the case/blade holder. The razor and blade case were described as "like new", and it seemingly looks very nice in the photo. I just thought...
  18. Pete

    Shavemac: Finest or Silvertip?

    So, I've finally decided on my next brush... well, kind of. I've decided on a Shavemac for the following reasons: Bulb-shaped Head Price/Value U.S. availability, as Jim at Vintage Blades carries them However, after searching and browsing some of the old posts here regarding the...
  19. Pete

    EDT Equivalent to Green Pond Sandalwood Cream?

    I recently purchased a tub of Green Pond Sandalwood shave cream during their "Summer Sale". This cream is actually manufactured by D.R. Harris, who seemingly doesn't offer a sandalwood cologne (only an alcohol-based aftershave). I really enjoy the fragrance of this cream, and I was...
  20. Pete

    Name that Aftershave!

    "In the morning, I splash it on, and it surrounds my face with class." "In the afternoon when I put it on to go out with the guys, and have a rendezvous..."