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  1. ancora imparo

    Tequila Clase Azul

    I've been enjoying some Tequila Clase Azul with my father-in-law and brother-in-law. This stuff is excellent! Does anyone know where to find it in the U.S.? My father-in-law received it as a gift from a relative who brought it back from Mexico, so he's a bit clueless on where to get some here...
  2. ancora imparo

    What did you do? 4th of July Highlights

    I wanted to hear some of your highlights from your Independence Day. Highlights for me: Had an all-American breakfast: Eggs, apple pancakes, sausage, and bacon. Drank some Buffalo Trace whiskey (which probably just bumped Knob Creek from #1 on my list). Read the Declaration of...
  3. ancora imparo

    Favorite Cocktail Glass?

    Sure, we all like to unwind with our favorite drink after work. But for those of you who like a good cocktail, do you have a favorite brand/model of cocktail glass that you like to use? I love a glass of Knob Creek in a heavy, textured glass—the weight of the glass adds to the experience, in...
  4. ancora imparo

    Need Help: Wedding Gift Idea

    I'm looking for some assistance for putting together a wedding gift. My little brother is getting married. He's not into wet shaving (yet), but his wife-to-be confirmed my suspicion that shaving gear would make a great gift. Here's the twist: I'd like to get him various shaving items from...