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  1. Latherdude

    Razorock Essential Oil of Lime Shaving Soap

    $3.53 with free shipping! [emoji50] https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00E9H8ZDY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_S-6.EbTS6M7JE I bought one and waited to receive it before posting. I was worried that the picture showed the older style label that I remembered from a decade ago. What I received appears to indeed...
  2. Latherdude

    Does RSC cream irritate your skin?

    Gents, I've had a tube of RSC "Moisturizing" shave cream for a while, and every time I shave with it I feel like the shave was a little too close. There's always this slight burning feeling that lingers afterward throughout the day. I always chalked it up to poor technique or trying to...
  3. Latherdude

    Custom injector handle?

    I just got a G-type injector and the Bakelite handle just snapped right through. :crying: Have any of you made or purchased a custom handle for such a razor?
  4. Latherdude


    Today I learned that means "Happy Birthday" in Portuguese! It reminded me of the ongoing debate regarding those preservative thingies :biggrin1: That is all.
  5. Latherdude


    I don't know what to do with this thing.
  6. Latherdude

    Edwin Jagger soaps

    Hey all, happy holidays! Among my Christmas gifts was a 3-pack of EJ soaps, one each of Sandalwood, Sea Buckthorn, and Aloe Vera scents. What are yall's thoughts on these? How easily do they lather? How well do they perform?
  7. Latherdude

    RIP David Courtney, longtime LA-area PA announcer

    Well, I didn't expect him to go out like this. http://www.latimes.com/sports/baseball/mlb/angels/la-sp-1130-elliott-david-courtney-20121130,0,5703613.column It's a huge loss for SoCal sports fans. His energy was just right, not over the top but definitely not boring. He deeply inspired me...
  8. Latherdude

    Shaving Stick help

    Gents, I've recently acquired my first two shaving sticks: Arko and La Toja. My method: I rub a dry stick over my wet face, right after splashing it with warm water, without wiping any droplets away with my hands first. I rub it all around my face in a circular motion for a minute or so. I...
  9. Latherdude

    Cella stick?

    just curious, and not sure if it would even work, but has anyone molded Cella into a shaving stick?
  10. Latherdude

    AOS "starter" brush vs. Omega 599 or 11047

    tl;dr version: Does anyone have pics of an AOS "Starter" brush next to an Omega 599 or 11047? My first shaving brush was that little AOS Pure Badger brush that comes in their $25 starter kit. I got rid of it because I'm not a huge fan of the prickliness of "pure"-grade badger hair. It did...
  11. Latherdude

    Moving in with my girlfriend?

    Gentledudes, Well, I think it might be about time. I've been dating a wonderful lady since the first of the year, and things have just gotten better and better. We've made it through a couple bumps along the way, and I just feel so loved by her. Long story short, we met in October 2010, and...
  12. Latherdude

    Newbie PIF! Boar/Bay Rum/VDH Glycerin

    Hey newbies! I've been around this forum off and on for a while and learned quite a bit about shaving, as well as about life outside the shave den. This is my first PIF. Included will be: Omega 10218 boar brush Burt's Bees apothecary mug Van Der Hagen Glycerine soap Burt's Bees Bay Rum...
  13. Latherdude

    Every Man Jack synthetic brush

    Just got this in the mail today! Test-lathered with my VDH Glycerin (translucent orange) soap, and some of the pictured EMJ cedarwood cream. It worked wonderfully with both, at least doing a quick lather in the palm of my left hand. And it definitely appears to be a more dense knot than...
  14. Latherdude

    Every Man Jack - Cedarwood "brush or brushless" cream

    Anyone ever used this stuff? My order just arrived and I'm about to try this out tonight. I've used their cedarwood bath soap before and remembered the scent to be distinctly manly; I'd often shower with it before shaving with my AOS Sandalwood right when I first started wet shaving. But...
  15. Latherdude

    Does Ivory bar soap smell like Williams to you?

    It hit me yesterday in the shower. I'd just picked up a pack of that classic and ever so cheap Ivory Soap, and thought the smell was kind of familiar. After a couple days I realized that subtly bright, almost citrusy aroma reminded me of Williams latherless shaving soap. Does anyone else...
  16. Latherdude

    $1 Twin Blade Atra/Trac-II cart 10-packs!

    TL;DR version: Go to 99 Cents Only stores for 10-packs of Atra/Trac-II carts (Safeway brand) Okay, I know that a lot of us come here for the DE intrigue, but for many of us, part of that intrigue came from the desire for a cheaper shave. Well, it's tough to beat ten cents per unit, so here...
  17. Latherdude

    Omega Pro 48 loose knot!

    One evening after my shave I rinsed out my brush and then did my customary shakes to get the excess water out when all of a sudden the knot popped right out of the handle and bounced around my bathroom floor. :scared: Okay, perhaps I was shaking with a tad too much vigor, but I wondered if it...
  18. Latherdude

    How I use those numbers on the Astra blades...

    Okay, pardon me if this has been brought up before. I know it's been discussed on the forum that those numbers on the blade don't mean anything to us in terms of "this side up" or anything, but I had a bit of a "EUREKA!!!" moment the other day when shaving. With a DE at my SWMBO's place and...
  19. Latherdude

    I think I'm a boar convert

    I wanted to get a brush to live at my girlfriend's place so I found this cheapish Omega 10218 banded boar brush. I grabbed the blue one as it's her favorite color (and I think it looks nice, too) I've been breaking it in and de-funking it and it's turning out to be quite a nice little brush...
  20. Latherdude

    Lather production in bowl lathering vs. face lathering

    I find that a lot of the bowl latherers on this forum like to whip up a big ol' load of lather, enough that the brush can be swirled around in it and look like an ice cream cone. I've recently taken a liking to face lathering, as I find the combo of my broken-in Omega 48 and Cella to be...